Trans Wife

One day when I was in San Diego for work, I got out early and decided to go to the nude beach just north of there. At the beach I went for a walk so that I could look at the women. I noticed several women lying near each other and as I walked by one of them looked at me and waved. I continued down the beach and then walked back the way that I came.
When I got near the woman that waved at me I walked up to her and said hi and asked if it was okay if I laid down beside her. After I laid down she turned over and sat up. She told me her name was Ginny and I told her my name was Bill. It was then that I noticed that she had a dick. It startled me because I had never seen a person that was definitely a woman but having a dick. We talked for a while and she said that she had to leave but she gave me her phone number and said that she would like to go to dinner later and for me to call her if I wanted to go with her.
I stayed at the beach for another hour and saw some other women that I found attractive. But I couldn't get Ginny out of my mind and I went back to my hotel room and I called her and agreed to meet her at a local Mexican restaurant.
After dinner we walked around and I left her at her hotel. As we said our goodbyes, I kissed her. I thought about her all that night and after I got out of work I called her and asked her out again. We had dinner and talked and I kissed her again. The next day was Friday and I changed my flight to Maine to Sunday so that I could spend more time with Ginny.
That night she invited me up to her apartment and we had sex. I had never been in a women's butt before but it felt so natural. Then she fucked me in my virgin butt which also felt wonderful.
She moved to Maine and we dated for several months and then I asked her to marry me. And we did.

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  • It’s a guy, you’re gay. And I’m jealous. Nothing sexier than a passable shemale

  • Ment to be

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