Kissing wife

I have wanted to kiss my wife after another man has come in her mouth for a long time. Last Saturday night we went to a party and my wife got pretty drunk and laid down in one of the bedrooms. I saw her there and I took her clothes off so that she was naked on the bed. A while later I went to the bedroom and there were three guys around her. One of them had his dick out and was fucking my wife's mouth. After he came in and on her mouth the guys noticed me and I said wait a minute and as he pulled out I leaned down and kissed her. As I licked the come off my lips I told the other two guys that they could also come in her mouth. After each of them came in her mouth I kissed her again. Then the first guy was standing there with his dick hard again and he asked me if he could fuck my wife. I told him to go ahead and he got between her legs and fucked her for about 5 minutes. Then each of the other guys fucked her. After they left the bedroom I told my wife that she could open her eyes. She asked me if I had gotten what I wanted. I kissed her again and then I quickly added my come inside her. I have never been happier and my wife said that she would do it again whenever I want.

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  • So so hot u win mate mmmmmmm

  • That is so hot

  • We have visited a couple of glory-hole cubicles as my wife wanted to see how do other cocks look like! At one stage she wanted to suck one nice cut cock - I told her to go ahead as I had never saw a woman sucking cocks. Within a few minutes he dumped his load and I did not waste time to draw her mouth to kiss deep taking all the warm cums in my mouth and swallowed. We both were so horny, I pulled up her skirt, pushed aside her thong and fucked her doggy style. OMG! we had orgasmed almost at the same time!!

  • Next time let another guy fuck her before you. It is the greatest feeling fucking a loose sloppy cunt. You will love it and so will she.

  • Good for you two. Communication is the key to a happy relationship. If you can’t be honest with each other then why the fuck are you together.

  • That’s your wife,,, what a disgusting filthy pig

  • Don't you wish that she was your wife?

  • ....but a hell of a lot of fun! ;-)

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