2x a year is not enough, I've had it

I need sex. I've brought it up so many times and been shut down the same amount. no talking about it, no effort to fix it, no hint of desire. I've been honest, I need sex, intimacy and to feel like we're not roommates. I love her but this is eating me alive.

I'm going to set myself up with a side thing and that side thing will be men, maybe a group of them and hopefully somewhat regular. I want to be passed around. I think I may have snapped. in my frustration and disappointment I don't want a girlfriend or to cheap with a woman. Don't want to give a woman the time of day. I want to go the other route.

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  • I am the one who wrote about wearing my mom's lingerie and how she eventually ended up letting me use her body anytime I wanted. I also love boys and men. I'd love to be your sex slave as long as you aren't hung like a horse. I would love to masturbate your cock, take it in my mouth and suck on it for hours, and let you pull my panties down and fu k my virgin ass. I'd love to play with someone else's penis for a change. I'm desperate to have sex with another person.

  • The key to this is being able to host. Believe it or not there are plenty of guys out there willing to suck you off. I am lucky because I travel for work monthly and always have so nothing suspicious about it, I have no girlfriend and never even hint at flirting with other women.
    I post an ad when I get to my hotel and have only had a few times that I get no response. I have been pleasured multiple times a day on some trips, all by guys just wanting to suck a dick.

  • Maybe your wife is asexual.

  • I'm another guy in a sexless marriage. Haven't been laid in 5 years. I think about pussy 24/7. At this point, if I could even meet a guy for a bj or some anal action, I'd do it. I'd return the favor too. I'm totally straight, but my wife is evil for leading me to even considering this. Don't ever fucking marry a woman.

  • Right? I think at this point taking cock makes a lot of sense. Who cares is it's gay? I would love for my wife to walk in on me getting fucked my a couple guys, after so long without sex I think it would just blow her mind. I'd get off on that

  • I've been married 10 years. Last year wife barely wants sex. Like once a month at the most. So I started hooking up with my gay next door neighbor. I love my wife but I very much enjoy some mutual sucking and getting fucked

  • ...and wives wonder why their men cheat??

  • Same boat here..... wife is lame and I've gone beyond return! Love a great guy cocksucker, they really are angels for guys like us. They want cum and we have plenty to give..... its a win win.

  • Except I want to be the total bottom. I want to be used

  • From a gay cocksucker that wants the cum, you are welcome.

  • Go for an older married man. He’ll treat you right and will please you like no other. I’d slowly lick your balls then work my way to sides of your cock. Without you realizing I would put your semi hard cock in my mouth and slowly tongue roll your cock over and over until I held my mouth tight and pulled your cock out. Then ask you if I should stop

  • I want to be the bottom/cock sucker

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