Wife and Virgin Brother

It all started when my younger brother came to stay with us while he found a job. He was a shy guy and we found out that he was still a virgin. One night as we lay in bed I wanted to have sex and my wife said how about you wait and I go have sex with Jim and then you can fuck me after. I didn't say anything and Ginny got up and went into my brother's room. I heard them talking and pretty quickly I heard the bed banging against the wall, first softly and then harder. Ginny was saying fuck me harder and then I heard both of them come. Ginny then came back into our bedroom and asked me if I heard. I told her that I did and pushed her onto her back and got on top of her. I came really quickly and she told me that she hadn't come. That was when I usually got down between her legs and licked her to orgasm. She pushed me down and I licked both my and my brother's come out of her. After she came we snuggled and fell asleep.
The next morning my brother was already gone when we got up. Later Jim came back and went right into his room. I knocked on his door and went in with Ginny right behind me. He thought that I was mad but I told him that I wasn't and told Ginny that she could do it again with him if she wanted. Ginny just stood there so I undressed her and left her with my brother taking her clothes with me. I left the door open about 4 inches hoping that they wouldn't notice. Then I watched as my brother Jim and my wife Ginny fucked with him between her sexy long legs. My wife looked so fantastic having an orgasm as my brother fucked her. Jim stayed with us for over two years and they had sex several times a week. I never minded since I was having sex with her even more often. Ginny was always horny and said that she was very happy having two men to make her come.

11 months ago

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