I'm a teen boy and I'm in love with my best friend

I'm 13 and my neighbours son is my best mate. Carl is nearly 17 and we are both in this lockdown. Our parents work and so we are on our own in the day. The other week Carl came over and we were in my room playing on my tablet when he asked me if I ever wore my mums panties. I played big and said yes and Carl said he would like to see me in some. I went to my parents bedroom and got a pair of panties and stripped off and put them on then walked back to my room and found Carl had taken all his clothes off. I had never seen him like that before, his dick was hard and it made me feel sexy and I could feel myself getting hard. Carl came over to me and kissed me, I liked it so much I kissed him back and the next thing we were on my bed kissing and feeling each other. Then Carl turned me over and I felt his fingers in my bum and then a sharp pain as he pushed his dick in. He fucked me until he cummed and it felt good and he said I was to be his sissy lover. In the ten days since I have been dressing for him and we have been fucking.

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  • Its me again, I just have to tell you how much I love Carl. I love what he does to me. Its been the bank holiday here this weekend and I've not seen him and I want to be with him so much I feel ill with wanting him to hold him feeling him feeling me in my panties kissing me awww Carl I want you fucking me spunking me you can do me forever love Jamie

  • I love your story I am 15 and wear girls clothes I love the way I look in them and feel so sexy. I would love Carl to he sounds great and we could both have him.

  • Thanks for your nice post. Mum and dad have been working this week so Carl and me have had all day to love each other. Carl has had me in mums tights and some of mums panties he is really sexy I love making him cum up me.

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