Wife's first married date

After being married for nearly five years my wife, Ginny, told me that a guy at her work had been flirting with her and had asked her out on a date. Ginny asked me if she could go out with him. She told me that two of her married girlfriends dated other men and that their husbands knew about it and actually encouraged them to date.
I told her that I would have to think about it and that night after fucking her, I thought about it all night and didn't get any sleep. At first I didn't want my wife to date but by morning I discovered that I was very horny thinking about Ginny on a date.
So during breakfast I told Ginny that she could go on a date. So on Friday evening after work Ginny was getting ready for her date. She had laid out three outfits on the bed and called me in to help her choose which one to wear. One was very conservative, the second was more normal and the third was a revealing thin white blouse and a short red skirt. I immediately told her that she should wear the third outfit. When Ginny put it on I got an erection knowing that she would be dancing with another man and she there would only be a thin layer of clothes between them. I told Ginny that I didn't expect to see her until sometime around noon Saturday morning. Ginny asked what I meant and I told her that they would fuck eventually and might as well not waste time.
Ginny was going to meet him at a club since she didn't want any of our neighbors seeing another man picking her up. I kissed her as she went out the door to her car. She asked if I was sure that I was okay with her getting fucked by another man. I told her that I was. Ginny asked me if she should use a condom or could she go bareback. I asked her what she wanted and she said bareback. I told her okay even knowing that she was not on birth control. Ginny with a glint in her eye told me that she was fertile and maybe I should tell her to use a condom. I told her to have bareback sex knowing that another man might impregnate her.
The next morning when she came home we went into our bedroom and she took off her clothes. She told me that since John had come in her three times that I should clean as much of his come out of her as I could. I licked what seemed like a quart of come out of her swollen pussy and then I fucked her. While we were lying in our bed she got her phone and showed me a photo that John had taken while they were fucking. It was then that I learned that he was black. My fertile wife had been fucked bareback by a black man. Ginny looked at me smiled and said I hope you want a black baby.

11 days ago

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    • In no time you will be raising a pack of pecan tan, kinky-haired, moon crickets, and supporting his slack ass while they are out clubbing and living large. Go to the mirroe right now and chant, "Oh wah, tagu, siam" over and over until you understand.

    • I think lots of women would do this if given the opportunity. They love being desired and paid attention to.

    • Silly having a black baby other than that everything was good

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com Email me and let’s talk about her

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com Email me and tell me more

    • Hey Jerry, bob on this !

    • Hey Karen, impale yourself on this!

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