I’m horny all the time since I turned 40. I’ve always had a healthy libido but it’s gone even crazier. My husband doesn’t seem to want to keep up. It’s not like he even has to make me cum, I just want his cock.

I would do anything he wants. I’m very open and kinky, he is more vanilla and not quite as sexual. He just has to let me at his dick but a lot of times he laughs when I ask to blow him because he thinks I’m joking or that “we just did that yesterday”.

I love when he fucks me and cums inside because I love being full. I also love giving blow jobs and drinking cum and frankly I’d even be into cockwarming, if he was, just to get his cock in me.

I hate the fake stuff but finally after 12 years of marriage, I’ve finally broke down and bought all kinds of sex toys which just doesn’t do it for me. It makes me hornier and look up even more depraved porn. How do I get him into sex more?

I want a life of sex and debauchery and for him to use me like a slut. I NEED it. I’d love to wake up and drink his cum and get a good spanking after I get home from work and a load in my pussy. I’m going insane.

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  • Tell him how you feel, tell him that you will find 2 or 3 men to take his place if he doesn't take care of you.

  • I would love to help you become the slut you long to be. Everything you can think of. I will push your limits

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