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Has any cuckold ever experienced their partner getting knocked up by their bull? How did it happen? How did it make you feel? What did you do?

I ask because I recently found out my Mistress is pregnant with her fiance. To explain, I am not in a typical relationship with her. I am not her girlfriend or wife, I am her cuckold submissive. She has put me in permanent chastity (Permalocker with super glue) as a celebration to her getting engaged to her Alpha. This was several months ago, so I have long-since gotten used to no longer having access to my penis. Alpha is very aware of me, and though he isn't into the lifestyle himself, he fully supports her pre-existing relationship with me.

A few days ago, my Mistress broke the news to me that she is pregnant. She is absolutely elated, and I am beyond happy for her. However I have fairly mixed feeling over it. I have been in love with her for years, even knowing I have no chance with her. This fuels both my jealousy and my cuckold fantasies. Now, knowing she is pregnant with another man, one she has given her heart to, those feelings have increased tenfold. I am in a constant state of arousal, however I'm extremely jealousy, a little sad and very, very humiliated.

So I'm looking for others who may have been in this situation, either with their wife or girlfriend, or as the third wheel like me. And advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. I love her more than anyone in the world, and as such have no plans or desire to leave her. I'm just trying to work through my feelings.

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  • I think you people are all crazy, you all need to have your heads examined.

  • My wife wouldn't have sex with me until our wedding night. But I found out that she had sex with the black stripper at her bachelorette party. I thought that I had gotten her pregnant on our honeymoon. When she went into labor it was early but the baby was over seven pounds. She was also black and since my wife and I are both light skinned it was very noticeable. I was upset at first but then decided that I still loved my wife and I found her extremely sexy when she breast a dark skinned baby. We would often have sex while the baby napped after being fed. Both my mother and mother-in-law said that there must be some black blood in one of the families' history although my mother asked me if the baby was mine. I told her that my wife had the baby and therefore it was mine. I have hired the same black stripper twice and we now have three dark skinned babies.

  • Cucks are losers. Most of you will end up divorced. She does not respect you as a man. She only keeps you around for security. If a bull wants her, you’re history.

  • Thankfully my wife had her tubes tied. Somehow they always managed to take the condom off and dump a load in her

  • Yes I know what it feels like to see the woman you love pregnant for another guy. She's my wife now but before I couldn't even call her my girlfriend. She was a friend I was madly in love with so I let her move in with me hoping something would happen. And yes we began having sex but it seems that was just payment for her room. Because I started to realise I wasn't her only guy. I would come home to the sounds of her with another guy in bed. I would sit on my bed listening and feeling a bit jealous but also getting hard too. Cuckold tendencies had definitely taken hold now because we started acting more like a couple,doing things together and so on but she still would have a guy round or go out with one. I would say she had a favourite lover and he ended up getting her pregnant. I might have even been present for the conception as the situation at that time was a unique one. But of course he wanted nothing to do with the kid so I took on the role of father. 1 year later we got married and then had a kid of our own. She was such a yummy mummy and guys were definitely noticing and when I noticed them noticing,my cuck desires started to grow again.

  • I kinda know what you are going through. For me it was my wife. She never could be with just one guy. She usually was safe when she was fucking someone else. But she ended up getting pregnant twice and both from black men. The first time she got drunk and went home with a black guy. He was fucking her and called a few of his friends over. She told me that there was 5 of them. And they all cumed in her. She didn't know who the father was. She ended up having a baby boy. The second time she got pregnant she was in Jamaica. One of the island guys took the rubber off and she let him cum inside of her. So I do know what it's like. Its not easy at first. Seeing her belly grow with some other guys baby inside of her. But i love her more than life itself . I guess I should feel lucky that it's only happened twice. She's been with more guys than I can count over the years.

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