Wife sharing

I like to see my wife suck another man's cock and fuck him. This excites me to the ecstasy of pleasure and I have an orgasm.
Do you think is normal ?

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  • Yes it’s totally normal, you should try fucking her after she’s full of another man’s cum. It feels so good.

  • This kind of thing never works out, it always ends badly. the wife will be fucking guys anytime and anyplace while the hubby either sits home alone or listens to her love making in the bedroom behind closed and locked doors.

  • Absolutely normal. My wife has sex with other men and it is probably the hottest thing ever.

  • I'd say this could be normal. My girlfriend and I recently had a talk and she broke down and cried and told me she had been keeping a secret from me. That recently she had sex with another man. She was hanging out at her friends one day. Her friends friend a black man had just gotten out of jail after 4 years. The friend kept pressuring my girlfriend to have sex with her black friend and kept saying help him out its been long time. So finally my girlfriend said sure. They went up to the friends bed room. Stripped naked, my girlfriend didn't want to hurt my feelings but said it was the most intense and amazing sex she had in along time. She had orgasm after orgasm. He also came twice inside my girlfriend. It hurt for a few days, but as time went along I used the thought to help me jerk off more or increase our sex life.

  • It's normal if your both willing for this to happen and you both get turned on by it and it boosts your sex life as long as it's always just for sex and your wife fucks another guy with you present. My husband and I decided to try this about 10years ago, when my husband suggested it, I must admit I was a bit unsure of doing it but after taking it over for a few weeks I agreed to try it ,but it had to be with a guy we knew, as I wouldn't fuck just any guy. I asked my husband if he had anyone in mind and I was shocked when he said to me our neighbour. My husband and I are in our late 40's and our neighbour was 28 and single and we'd known him for six years. I was surprised but excited at the same time, as my husband informed me that when we were out at our local pub and Carl ( our neighbour) was there he often caught him glancing at my legs and boobs ( which are big and still fairly firm ) we also invited him to join us for a meal now and then so I felt comfortable having him. Carl gave me a good balls deep fucking with hubby enjoying watching. I've now decided I want to watch my hubby fuck another woman, so watch this space..............Andrea.

  • In my case, my wife was doing other guys but was not willing to let me watch or be any part of her screwing around. She is very attractive so there are lots of men who want her and she knows it. To keep me in the dark she never did it at home , always in a motel room or the back seat of her car or the guy's apt. To my knowledge she has had 6 or 7 full time lovers with a few one night stands.

  • Wow Andrea, wish my wife would agree to fuck a guy in front of me , I've wanted to see her get a another guys cock in her for years.

  • Speaking from experience. Be careful what you wish for. It tends to get out of hand if you know what I mean. You my be spending many sexless nights all alone. Don't get me wrong it was a turn on for me. At first she would go out and get fucked by some guy she didn't know. Maybe once a week. Then two and three nights a week. I loved watching her getting ready to go out. Putting on a little dress that was low cut no bra or panties. Hair and makeup just right. She looked like the slut wife i wanted. But i spent many nights jacking off thinking about what she was doing. Sometimes not coming home for days at a time. Once she got really comfortable with fucking other guys she would bring them home and fuck them in your bed. The few times I was able to watch was hotter than hell. But most of the time it was behind closed doors listening to her having Orgasms. Hearing her calling him baby. If they didn't both fall asleep the guy would leave with me sitting on the couch with him saying to me take it easy and walk out. Over the years she's fucked more guys than I can count. Black and white. But I can still say that I love her.

  • She would never allow me to see her with another man. She would rather sneak around with her lovers. I knew she was fucking behind my back , all the red flags were there , smelling like a man , dressing very sexy , cell phone secrecy, nasty comments and others.
    I would have loved to see her with another guy

  • When we were younger I watched my wife with many men. Always black, took it in all three holes, swallowed, gang bangs, trains, she did it all. It was great like watching the best porn and getting to fuck the star.

  • I have the same thoughts about my wife. I would love to kiss her after she has sucked another man and also kiss her as she is being fucked to show her how much I love her.

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