Super Bowl 47, Pre Game

Kelley was an amazingly sweet lady.  She had a charm about her; she looked like a typical grandmother with her short salt and pepper hair, sparkling eyes, genuine smile and lips you just wanted to taste.  She raised her children by herself because her husband left her and ran off with his younger female office manager.  Kelley was a family person; she was Irish Catholic; she had over a dozen grandkids and she loved to share photos of all of them; all ya had to do was show an interest.  She was retired from public service so she had the time to spoil her grandkids.
We got introduced via AFF, Adult Friend Finder.  Her post was brief...."a Green Bay Packer lady who wants to meet a like minded gentleman".  There was no photo, just the above text.  She was in her mid 60s then and was ten months older than me;  I had been attracted to older ladies all my adult life.  I sent her a short intro message via AFF that included, "can a Packers fan and St Louis Blues hockey fan get along with a Bears fan and Chicago Blackhawks fan?"  That is where it began.  We moved quickly to private email, away from AFF, then exchanged cell numbers.  All this happened sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Kelley was a very independent woman, she had to be, she had raised all her kids by herself.  The very first time she called me, I was unavailable so she left a voicemail.  The voicemail was a treat and real classic; I archived it for a long time even after she moved out of state.  Her voice was soft, she was trembling and nervous; it was like it was the first time she was ever calling a guy.  She had called to say "Good Night".  We would call several times a week and spend an hour or more getting acquainted and getting used to talking to each other. 

Kelley, who was in her mid 60s when we met, had not been out with a man in over twenty years; she had concentrated on her job, raising her kids and helping with all the grandkids.  She had not been with any man in so long, simply talking on the phone, it was like she was a teenager all over again.  I did my best to keep our conversations very casual.  One conversation we got into what we liked to read, novels and stuff like that.  That is when I discovered she was a big fan of "Fifty Shades of Grey"; she had read the trilogy three times; I had never heard of the books. 

Kelley began to open up; she wanted a man in her life now.  She had begun working out several times a week, had her own personal training coach; she was determined to make herself available and more attractive by getting into better shape.  I found out even at her age she had a very active imagination and the libido to match.  She was interested in a man for more than lunch or dinner dates.  She was recovering from a gambling addiction.  She was somewhat insecure about her body, especially her breasts.  She learned about my fascination with ladies breasts; how much I enjoyed pleasuring a woman that way. Kelley had gotten a boob job years ago; she was not a natural 38D.  One afternoon while we were having our usual live chat, she broke down and started crying over the phone.  It took a while before she told me about her boob job; we had been talking about finally meeting in person for lunch and she was afraid I would reject her just because her breasts were not natural.  WOW!   The rest of that call I did all I could to put her mind at ease.
We finally set a date for lunch; she would drive up and we would go to lunch at the casino near I-55 in the Joliet area.  It was a senior discount day and they had a nice buffet offering. It was then that I found out about her gambling addiction; she had put herself on their watch list, it was one way of dealing with gambling.  I offered to change our lunch to another location but she said she would try her best. 

We rendezvoused at a motel parking lot just off the Interstate exit.  I walked up to her car; she rolled down the window, gave me the sweetest smile then we kissed for the first time.  Her two daughters knew she was going to meet a guy for lunch; she called while I waited; she was nervous, so were her daughters; their sixty something mother on a date with a man she had never met in person before and Kelley was a couple of hours from her daughters and her home.  Rather than go directly to lunch we decided to go to a nearby park to get acquainted.  I offered to drive, instead she followed me.  It was January but it was above freezing and the sun was out.  We had the park pavilion all to ourselves.  Grabbed a couple of blankets, we sat on one and wrapped the other around ourselves.  I suggested she sit on my lap; at first she objected, saying she was too heavy for that.  I convinced her otherwise.  I wrapped the blanket around us then wrapped my arms around her and quietly held her for a while.  We said almost nothing; her head was resting on my shoulder.  It was nice and she was beginning to relax, I could tell.  We hugged some and shared a few more kisses.  Her favorite thing to say at that time was "Hugging and Kissing, OH MY!!!"  Something happened next that I never expected nor anticipated; Kelley wiggled around some under the blanket, then took my right hand, guided it inside her coat and under her sweater; the next thing I felt...this very hard nipple poking me in the palm of my hand.  I squeezed gently; she did nothing to make me stop as I held her as closely as I could to myself.  I don't know why she did that; I was doing my best to be a perfect gentleman.  Perhaps she wanted to test my reaction to her 38Ds which were man made instead of all natural?  It really was a wonderful moment.  We went to her car, got in the back seat because there was more room; she opened her bag and pulled out a photo album and began showing me pictures of her family, her children and grandchildren.  I was enjoying myself and enjoying her bragging about her family.   Then it was time for lunch.
After parking, I took her hand in mine and we walked to the casino where we got seated for the buffet lunch.  Rather than sit across from each other, we suggested a booth so we could sit side by side.  She looked really nice with her coat off; she had on a chocolate colored sweater and brown slacks.  I smiled to myself, natural or man made, she filled out her sweater nicely!  Because we were sitting side by side, she took the liberty to put her hand on my thigh and caress me and give me an occasional squeeze.  I was starting to really really like her company.  We were acting almost like teenagers on their first date.  I was hoping she was enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying being with her. 

She excused herself to use the Ladies Room. When she returned she was red in the face and looked flustered, then I found out why.  She had to pee but she had walked into the Mens Room instead.  I put my arm around her, gave her a hug and just smiled.  Like I had noted, it was like being on a first date back in the day. 

When lunch was over, we decided to take a stroll through the casino; I had never been to that one. I knew nothing about slot machines, how they worked, how they took your money which they were programmed to do.  We got some looks from players there; we got looks because we were walking and holding hands; looking at some of those people looking at us, I could see some envy in their eyes, some loneliness in their eyes.  A lot of the players we saw were at least in their middle 50s and older.  In a way it was sad; it was like "this is their life, hanging around the casino, playing the games, hoping all the bright lights and sounds would take their mind to a different place, another time, until they had to go back to wherever they called home." 

I was just curious about the slots, how they worked and all, how they paid off if and when they did.  I was holding the hand of someone very familiar with it all.  Kelley sat me down at a machine, put a twenty dollar bill in and showed me what to do; she sat down next to me and did the same.  It was obvious how quickly a person can get caught up in a casino especially after they had gone smoke free inside; the sights and sounds, it could become hypnotic and put you under their spell!.  Call it beginners luck, I guess?  Kelley's twenty dollar investment was now at eighty dollars on my machine; I had no clue what I was doing.  Kelley had a relapse right there; she lost her twenty.  I wanted to cash out and split the pot with her or at least pay her back and share my winnings; she insisted I continue to play; eventually I lost all eighty dollars.  It was disappointing and put a grey cloud over what to that point had been a really nice fun day with her.  I understood some why she had placed herself on the casino's watch list. 

It was still light out so we drove to another state area; found a quiet spot by the Des Plaines River and watched the sun set.  I had Kelley on my lap again; her cell rang, it was one of her daughters calling and checking up her.  While she carried on her conversation, I took the liberty of slipping my hand inside her coat, cupped and massaged one of her breasts through her sweater.  She did nothing to stop me; she talked on the phone, I massaged her breast.  I did not want to get too frisky; did not know if she would approve of my hand playing with her bare nipples.  I did not want to do anything she did not want me to do; I was willing to wait until we connected next time, and that next time would be at Starved Rock Lodge for Super Bowl 47.

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