Clean up

After your wife has been with another guy what is you favorite way to clean up. Or do you like to eat it straight from the source

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  • I would consider my wife a slut except for one hang up she has. She does not like to swallow cum. So after she comes home from a fuck date I sometimes go down on her sucking the cum from her pussy then transporting that load to her mouth and making her swallow it. Its sort of my way of making her a complete slut.

  • My GF at the time ex and I passed each other in front of my appartment building as he was leaving and I was arriving earlier than usual. In the appartment my GF was laying in the couch in a black seethrough nighty and her hair was messed up. I kissed her, kneeled in front of her and made an advance to put my head between her legs, she tried to half-heartedly to push me away. I persisted and to her (original) horror and my extreme pleasure I started eating her pussy which turned out to be overflowing with her ex's creamie cum and her pussy juice. I eagerly licked up every drop I could get. After we had some really hot sex. Neither one of us ever mentioned that she had intercourse with her ex.

  • Me, I lick his d I ck clean first, then lick my wifes pussy.

  • She scoops it out with her fingers and we take turns licking

  • If another man were to fuck my virgin fiancée, I’d clean her out with my tongue.

  • I usually just lick around the lips and lick the clit, give a couple of tongue flicks inside and that’s it. I can’t bring myself to eat a cream pie but I will lick around it. If she does a wipe with a towel I will eat her properly, I just don’t want a glob or cum in my mouth, but a little is fine and she loves being eaten out after. She tried it once, she ate out another woman’s cream pie to see what it was like, and she said it’s not bad.

  • So far I have eaten cream pies from three different females I’ve dated. First time my friend had sex with my girlfriend in HS
    As soon as he pounded her and left I just jumped on it. Second time was in College my girl would take guys in her apartment and as soon as the party ended i had her in bed on her eating her clean. The female I am currently with is 46 and loves the much younger guys. She convinced she wanted to try a guy at work but was afraid of someone finding out so we picked up a young guy at a bar and invited him back. Truth holds most of the younger guys seem to have bigger cocks and more control than I have. I’m not afraid to guide it in and clean as they go. Meaning eat her while she sucks him then guide him in her. During penetration I will clean her and him and it’s the best ever. Me being involved turns Stacy on so much. I’m just glad she understands what I lust and me the same. I think the hotter the guy is the more intense Stacy gets and that’s the hottest. Everyone would freak out if they found out as she’s next to perfect, classy fit and lots of money.
    I won’t leave her I’ll just keep giving her what she desires

  • I'm a real cuckold hubby. I love eating my wife after she gets fucked and filled with another mans semen. I have on occasion lick her lovers penis clean as a clock. So am I a faggot? I hope so. Yummy semen I love it.

  • Eat girlfriend right before. then as he’s inside of her for a while eat and clean him until he shoots his young seed inside of her. Then we both usually clean him up.
    He’s a guy we met online. It took us a while to find the perfect sized guy for my wife and one who allows me to suck him off. Mostly cause I’m handsome and she’s totally hot and petite. No one can make Christi cream like Clayton can

  • Both if the guy will be cool with it

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