Asian taxi driver

Just wanted to know everyone’s opinion?

I consider myself a hot 27 year old white English girl. Size UK14 curves in all the right places, bubble butt, 34DD fake boobs and blonde. Typical bimbo lol.

I’ve been fairly faithful to my bf over the 3 years we have been together but recently had my sexuality awakened.

After a night out with the girls I got in a taxi chatting to the driver. Had a bit of a flirt as I do with most guys and before I knew it I was legs open in the back seat taking his bare Pakistani cock in my pussy hard. It only lasted about 10 minutes before he burst inside me.

If I’m honest it was so hot and taboo. I know Asian/white relationships are frowned upon in the UK but I really enjoyed it.

1 month ago

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    • I'm in a packed College town pub near my alum. A coed all by herself sits next to me. She's gorgeous we hit off right away. I buy here a beer -- she's feeling up my leg. I'm thinking this is way too easy. She's doesn't even finish her 1st beer and we're back at my place -- soon fucking away. Between Sat night and Mon morning we fuck -- lost count. When I snooze she wakes me up with a blowjob.
      We start to talk actually, she's a cheerleader, engaged to a jock who cheated on her. She meant to just give me a revenge blowjob in the car but I took her to my apartment and wanted to fuck her. She though why not, and I'm the best sex she ever had. So we do it again and again. Sorry I used you for revenge. I wish I could take a picture of your dick in my mouth to show him. But I'll tell him how much bigger and better you were. Thank you and goodbye -- Remembering Linda from PA, 1975

    • If it feels good then do it. Maybe you need to find a boyfriend who is ok with you fucking around though. I did and it worked out for me.

    • That's exactly what I tell my wife too! Every time she travels or goes out with her friends, she always finds a way to get herself fucked by new guys. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way!

    • I hope she tells you all the details when she gets home. My hub loves to hear about what I've done as he makes love to me.

    • Yep! Either tells spills every detail right away, or teases me with them, but either way our best sex is always when she's telling me about fucking someone else.

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