The sitter

I'm a mom at 33yrs. We had a boy as a sitter, 15, when hubby and i go out sometimes. i know he liked to look at my cleavage and i like when he did.
Sometimes hubby and i went out really late and the sitter stayed the night in the spare bedroom.

One day, after the sitter spend the night, i was doing laundry and noticed.. one of my panties was a bit soaked. I smelled... it was cum. since it wasnt my hubby's sperm, i could only think of it being from the sitter.
Had he jerked off in my panties? i was instant horny and tasted a bit.
I went downstairs, put on some kids tvshow and told hubby to come upstairs.

Whats the matter, he asked when up, and I just pulled up my skirt, fuck me (which he did) and i told him about the panties, hubby said i should tease him more :)

The next time the sitter was to stay over, I used my fingers throughout the day to edge myself. When i changed for the party hubby and i were going, my panties were soaked. I smiled, took them off and put it on the pillow in the spare room.

I put on a sexy panty, bra, skirt n top and walked down. hubby smiled and said a lot of men would watch me tonight. We talked, the doorbell rang and hubby let in the sitter. i made sure i sat across the sitter as we chatted a bit about his day. i asked hubby if he needed to go to the bathroom, as it was about time to leave. As he did, i turned to the sitter, spread my legs a bit and followed his eyes as we chatted. He viewed my legs, and i asked if he liked it.
He blushed (so cute) and i said i knew what he did. He blushed even more and said sorry. I winked, i left you a present on your pillow, you can return it on my pillow when you're done. I felt myself blushing as i left the room.

During the party all i could think of what was happening home.
Whilst dancing i was grinding up hubby, who loved the attention.
When we left the party, i had his dick in my hands as soon as possible.
I immediately went up stairs to check my pillow.. there it was...
I took it, still wet, still a bit warm.. I look at hubby, not knowing what to do.
Hubby smiled, put it on, he said. I look at him, put it on and show him.
I hesitated, so hubby came up, went on his kneed and pulled my panties of, let me step out and helped me to step into the wet ones.
Then he took my hand... and we walked to the spare bedroom....


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  • BS!

  • You should have sex with the sitter and later on have a three-some with your hubby too. Enjoy while you love to fuck well.

  • You should get him to eat your pussy then fuck him crazy
    I love to fuck you eat your pussy tongue fuck your ass

  • And ???>??

  • Awesome thanks just had the best wank

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