Gobbling the Goo!

Not long after we were married I discovered that my husband had fantasies about me with other men. He told me of his desire to see me being fucked by others. One day he and I were visiting a friend of his. While his friend was making us drinks my hubby told me that he wanted to watch me with his buddy. I told him that I could tell his buddy was packing a nice sized cock. This just made my husband really aroused. So he said how about I suck his friends cock. I said well what's in it for me? My husband said that he would take me shopping and I could buy whatever I wanted. Like a couple new outfits. I said ok sure why not.

He then told his friend that I had agreed to give him a BJ. It was very awkward after that. My hubby told his friend if he whipped out his dick I would suck it. We just stood around looking at each other. Finally after about 10 minutes I went over to his buddy and I unzipped his jeans and pulled then down and his underpants. I took his cock in my hand and I marveled over his sexy long cock. I said gee honey look this is how big your cock is supposed to be. My hubby pulled down his pants and underwear and started playing with his little 4 inch cock.

Meanwhile I was stroking his friend's 7.5 inch long sexy cock. I looked at my hubby and said are you sure about this. No turning back. He said he was sure and then told me to suck it. So I began to lick his buddies long hard boner. It was a very sexy cock and I enjoyed going down on him. But I wanted more. I took my blouse off and then my bra. Rubbed my tits all over that sexy cock. Then I removed my jeans and then my panties. I bent over in front of him and told him to fuck me good. He slid his long hard cock deep into my wanting pussy and he began pumping it in and out of me. It was so fucking awesome.

It didn't take long before he filled my pussy full of his love juice. I cried out pretty loudly when he did. His cock made me feel so fucking great. Then I licked and sucked his cock clean. I wanted every drop of his tasty yummy goodness. My hubby had long ejaculated all over his hands. He licked his own come up. I smiled at him and then I told his friend I wanted to fuck again. So we went into his bedroom and closed the door. We ended up doing it twice more. A few weeks later he came over to our place and fucked me while the hubby was at work. It was so awesome. I would like to fuck him again but we lost touch with him. His dick felt so wonderful inside of me.

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  • I wish my wife would fuck and suck other men while I beat my little cock the way you did. Want to get together and we could stroke each others cocks? I do that would be lots of fun. I would gladly suck your dick for you if you just stroke me off a couple times.

  • I have the same fantasy about my wife. I wish she would fuck and suck other cocks so I can watch. It's a real turn on for me also. Maybe we could swap or do a 4 some what you say?

  • I'll be your hubby's fucking friend. He can watch you getting my huge fucking black snake deep in your holes. Then you both can eat my goo. I'll fuck you so good that you will beg me for more black dong.

  • I'd love to see you with my wife. She's 40's, BBW, 38dd, shaved.

  • Awww, c'mon, we want to hear the part where he took you to Walmart and bought you some leopard print leggings and an oversized " I'm with stupid > "
    tee shirt.

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