So my hubby and I got a pool installed this spring and we finally get to use it. The first night we got in hubby asked me to go nude. I was kind of excited and didn't put up any resistance. I stripped off my bikini and threw it out of the water. We played for a while giggling and having fun. I convinced him to take off his shorts. Not long after I did we heard a voice. It was our nextdoor neighbor who walked in through the gate to see the pool. I tried to cover myself but it was no use. He saw I was naked and asked if he had caught us at a bad time. I was just about to say yes when hubby said no. Then hubby told him he could join us but had to swim naked also. He stripped his pants off and jumped in, but not until after I saw his dick. I was really impressed by how big he was. We all three got real comfortable and hubby asked if I wanted to play with the neighbor guy. I didn't argue and just grabbed his dick playing with it. He started rubbing me and before I knew it he was behind me sliding his dick in me. I let him fuck me while I started playing with my husband's dick. Hubby was harder than I had ever seen him before. It didn't take much before he was cumming in my hands. His cum swirled in the water and I tried to dissipate it. While I was trying to do something with hubby's cum the neighbor guy finished and I had his cum running out of me in the water too.

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  • That's hot. Does you neighbor have a spouse? My husband and I don't have a pool, but a hot tub. We'll have the neighbors over frequently during the summer. After the kids are asleep, we'll go in for a dip, and a couple of times our guys' cocks came out and we played.

  • Awesome - well done! You'll have to let your husband watch you fuck your neighbour properly again in your bed! Don't think he'll have any issues! ;-)

  • Such a good girl.

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