Girlfriend Her Sister And Me

I met this woman at a dance bar. She invited me to her house when the bar closed. Before I knew it she pulled out my dick and began to give me a head job. She knew how to suck cock. We went into the bedroom and had sex. I spent the night with her in bed. She enjoyed having me eat her out, She has a dark hairy snatch and a good size clit that get her going when I lick and suck on it. We started seeing each other.
She introduced me to her sister, Debra. Debra has short blonde hair and a great smile with good personality. Without warning my girlfriend asked me if I would do her sister. I answered back, "I wouldn't mind but you would freak out!" "You don't know me that well yet and what desires I have.My sister and I are real close and enjoy sex play." my girlfriend said. "You are telling me that you and her are Bi-sexual ?" Then my girl friend explained that her sister likes to get fucked a lot and her sister would enjoy my cock in her.
My girlfriend suggested we stop by her sister's house. While driving over to her sister's, my girlfriend pulled out my dick and played with it. Her sister's door wasn't locked and my girlfriend yelled out, "We're here!" Her sister yelled out, "I'm ready!" and I was led down the hallway into a bedroom. Her sister laid nude on the bed and smiled. "Wow!" I said. "Don't just stand , fuck me!" Then my girlfriend also said, "Yeah baby, fuck her!"
I removed my clothes and got on the bed. Debra grabbed my cock and rubbed her cunt with it while I sucked on Debra's small breasts as my girlfriend watched. My girlfriend then grabbed my cock and rubbed it across her sister's snatch and then held it as I pushed it into her sister. "Oh yes, fuck me!" Debra yelled out. I kept pumping Debra while her sister groped Debra's breasts. Debra was screaming in delight while her sister kept smiling and said,"Give her a cream pie that she'll remember!"
That was the beginning of my first threesome relationship with two sluts.

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