Three men in one weekend

Well I was able to fuck 3 different guys last weekend in L.A. met the first guy at our hotel bar on Friday night. We were in our room after just one drink. I was so worked up I couldn't wait. He was very good and was able to get me off several times. Hubby stayed in the bar this time while I fucked this guy. When I was done and he left my room I called my hubby and he was in the room within minutes. I was still naked and hubby went down on me instantly. I didn't tell him but he knows me well enough to know that I let the guy cum in me. Hubby cleaned me out and then fucked me. He came very fast but it was so hot!
The second guy. I was shopping on Saturday while hubby stayed at the hotel. I noticed this really good looking black guy checking me out so I approached him. I am a very confident woman so I asked him if he liked what he saw. He instantly replied with "hell yeah you are hot as fuck". I grabbed his hand and told him to come with me. It was very hot holding his hand and walking with him in public. I led him to my car and drove him back to our hotel. I didn't tell my hubby what was up so he was surprised when we walked in. I didn't say a word I just led this black guy right to the edge of my bed. I went straight to my knees and pulled out his cock. I started sucking him off and he got hard very fast. I have to say he was very large and I couldn't wait to fuck him. I layed on the bed and pulled him on top of me. Hubby never said a word just watched the show. This guy fucked me very hard and for over an hour before he came inside of me. When he was done I told him thank you and asked him to leave. He never said a word and walked out the door.
Third guy. I wore a very skimpy outfit to the concert and got lots of attention. There was one group of guys that kept following us around. One of the guys was very tall and looked great in his cowboy boots. I finally walked up to him and gave him my cell # and told him that if he was interested my hubby would love to watch you fuck me. I walked away. He did text me as soon as the concert was over. I told him to come to my hotel room. When he got there I opened the door completely naked and he just stood there not knowing what to say. I led him in and basically did the same thing as the last guy. This guy came very fast, within 2 minutes lol. Poor guy. He apologized and left a little embarrassed. I love cock and cum so all you haters can just deal with it.

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  • This must be my wife

  • My husband gets off on this too. Every time we go out of town I pick up on men and fuck them. The only rule he had is that they have to be black. Great for me because I love black men. We have been doing this for about three years and I have fucked 27 different black guys so far. All of them have been amazing and most of them have had very large dicks. I fucked two different guys in one night, at different times, and six in one week on vacation in Jamaica. We have another trip planned soon so more black dick for me!!

  • Honey your a novice. I fucked that many in four hours one time not even trying to break any records. I will devour a cock if its out in the open like a fucking mongoose on a cobra. Most men can't handle what I bring to the table. Plus they all want to either get married or be boyfriend and girlfriend. How fucking pathetic I mean really. You can't marry me till you get rid of the fat slob of a ho your with first. Men! Total fucking numb nutz. LOL

  • Whore!

  • Very hot!! I wish my wife would do something like this for me!

  • Wish my wife would do this exactly like you did

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