Best Feeling of My Life!

The year 2020 had been trying for me and I felt that ending the year out on a high note would be great. I had never really been into drugs other than a few times smoking weed and alcohol. I found a product on the internet called sextacy and bought a small bag after reading the glowing reviews.

After receiving the product I decided that I would like to try and smoke it. This included a trip to the corner store to buy one of those little ‘novelty’pipes. Before long I had a small portion melting in my newly acquired pipe. I inhaled the odd tasty odd tasting smoke and I was greeted with a nice rushing sensation. The rush subsided after a few minutes and I was definitely turned on. The rush was nice but it was not nearly as intense as I was expecting.

A few days past and I found myself home on Friday night with a free weekend ahead. I thought about the unused sextacy and decided I would give a larger dose a try. I really put a good pile in the pipe this time. As the vapor began to roll I began pulling the smoke into my lungs, and with in seconds I was overwhelmed by thick smoke. I could not control the hit and coughed. As I recovered from my coughing fit I had an absolutely amazing humming sensation envelope my body. I pulled my dick out and began dry stroking the hell out of it and without even thinking I reheated the pipe and proceeded to pull the wonderful smoke deep into my lungs. At that point I was placed into some strange existence that felt tranquil and totally euphoric. “This is the best feeling of my life” blurted out of my mouth. I repeated this phrase for what seemed like hours.

As I settled into the ride I soon found myself jerking off to porn on the net. I think I am going to be here a while.

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