Mom's Have Urges Too - 8

Andy smiled and moved toward the bed, pulling his mother up with him. He stripped quickly. When he saw that his mother had made no move to take her robe off he returned to her and untied the robe and then pushed it to the floor. He felt her tremble as his hands slide down her arms and then cupped her breasts. "God, they are beautiful. Can I kiss them again?" "Andy...." Linda said, but didn't try to stop him when he bent his head and began to kiss her breasts. "Look at those nipples," he whispered as he moved his lips her swollen nipple. He sucked it into his mouth. "Andy.... uh.... oh.... you said.... you wanted to look," she said. Andy didn't answer as he moved to the other nipple. When he had sucked both nipples until they were totally hard and wet he pulled back and said, "Lay on the bed, I want to look at you.... you know down below."

"Oh Andy, that is so wrong. Why do you want to.... do that?" "Because you are beautiful and I love you." Linda felt her heart swell. How could she deny him anything? She said, "Okay." Andy walked over to the bed and stood there, waiting for her to come over. With a deep breath she moved over and sat on the bed and then leaned back. She threw her arm over her eyes with embarrassment as she spread her legs. She could almost feel her son's eyes on her bare and totally exposed pussy. There was no way she could express her mortification at allowing her son to stare at her pussy.

Then she heard movement and realized he was kneeling. Instinctively she placed her hand over her pussy.... just like in her dream. A little gasp escaped her lips when she felt her son's hot breath on her thigh. "Andy.... no, you can't," she whispered as she felt his lips touch her thigh. Then she felt his hand on her protective hand. She tried to fight him when he began to pull her hand away, but her muscles wouldn't cooperate. "Oh no, Andy," she gasped when she felt his lips replace her hand. "Ohhhhhh," she gasped. She couldn't believe that she was allowing her son to put his mouth on her pussy. She could feel his tongue licking the inside of her lips.... gently, as if he were afraid she would push him away at any moment.

Linda put her hand on her son's forehead and tried to push him back, but with little strength. Then suddenly his tongue touched her swollen clit. "Ahhhhhhh," she screamed and suddenly her body was writhing in illicit pleasure. "Mmmm," Andy groaned as he began to lick his mother's clit. He wanted to put his tongue inside her, but was afraid she would rebel. He licked her throbbing clit until she was bucking under his mouth. When he thought the time was right he slid his tongue down and plunged it into his mother's wet and now drooling pussy.

"Annnnnddddyyyy!!!" she screamed in pleasure. Instead of pushing his head away she now had her hands in his hair and was pulling him closer, forcing his tongue even deep her into her throbbing opening. "Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy," she hissed, throwing her head from side to side in pleasure. Then she was climaxing. She could no longer think, only react. She bucked her hips upward into her son's face as she pulled his mouth tightly to her pussy. The room began to spin around her and the lamp light seemed to dim. Inside her head a kaleidoscope of colors were bouncing from one side to the other. Her body shook uncontrollably as an incredible climax rocked her.

Andy was in heaven. The taste and smell of his mother's pussy was making his cock throb with pleasure, threatening to cause him to shoot his load against the bed. However, he didn't want to waste his climax. He tried to avoid touching the bed with his cock in fear that he could not control himself. Yet, just the taste of his mother's juices alone nearly brought him to his peak. When his mother, after four climaxes, finally settled down he pulled his dripping mouth away and looked up at her. She still had her eyes covered with her arm and tiny tremors were rippling through her.

Andy crawled up to his mother and lay next to her. "Sorry, Mom, I didn't mean to embarrass you," he said. Linda opened her eyes dreamily. She looked at her son and a smile creased her lips. "Nothing to be sorry about," she whispered. "I have to admit that I loved your mouth on me. I would never have believed it. I was taught it was so dirty. This may sound crazy, but I never knew that people actually did that.... I mean I remember what you said when you were younger, about boys eating girls, but I thought that was just kid talk. But.... but now I know why people do it. Thanks for teaching me something new," she said as she pulled her son's mouth to hers.

Andy was surprised that his mother was actually kissing his lips.... after all his mouth had been on her pussy. Yet, in spite of that she was kissing him with great passion. Linda turned to her son and pushed him onto his back. She kissed his chest and worked her way downward. She looked up at Andy and smiled. As Andy watched his mother continue to kiss down his chest to his stomach, he suddenly realized what she was going to do. "Mom, you don't have to.... you know, do that to me." Linda grasped her son's throbbing cock and looked at it. She was still deciding if she could do it. It was so nasty, but after what he had done to her she wanted to try. "I want to," she said. "But.... when.... when you, you know, climax, I don't think I can.... uh swallow it."

Suddenly there was broad smile on Andy's face. "That's okay, Mom, I can shoot it on your tits," he said. In spite of everything Linda had to laugh. "Okay, that will work." A moment later she was moving down again. When she was inches from his now throbbing cock she looked closely at it. She had never seen a cock this close before and of course she didn't know that much about them, but Andy's looked beautiful. Her face flushed when she thought about what she was about to do. She was going to put her mouth on a cock and not just any cock, her son's cock. Although she still had her doubts, she could feel her pussy begin to moisten again and her heart was beating faster. She stroked his cock and saw a large drop of clear juice form at the end. She watched with fascination as it grew larger and then dripped to his stomach, leaving a spider like string of almost transparent juice. Without thinking she stuck her tongue out and caught the string of juice on her tongue. When she pulled her tongue back into her mouth she moaned. Surprisingly it didn't taste bad at all. She did it again, following the string up to the top of his cock head where she flicked her tongue across the opening. She heard Andy moan this time.

Andy couldn't believe his mother was actually going to put her mouth on his cock. But then he felt it.... he felt his mother's mouth close around the head. Another moan escaped his lips as she began to suck him. After a few sucks, Linda pulled away and said, "Am I doing it right?" "Oh yes," Andy gasped. Linda put her mouth back on her son's cock. At this point her head was spinning. The excitement of having her son's cock in her mouth was almost too much for her. She also couldn't believe how good he tasted and smelled. There was a musk that made her head spin. Andy wanted this to last, but unfortunately it felt too good and the fact that it was his mother sucking him made his balls churn with desire. His cock began to throb almost uncontrollably. He was very close to climaxing and knew he needed to warn his mother. "Mom,.... oh God Mom, I'm getting.... close."

Linda was so involved in sucking that she didn't hear her son's warning right away. However, when she heard him moan loudly and lift his hips she knew something was happening. A moment before she pulled away she felt his cock head swell and suddenly a blast of his cum shot into her mouth. With shock she pulled back quickly, but the first blast had hit the roof of her mouth and before she realized she had swallowed it. From inches away she saw her son's cock head pulse again and the second blast hit her in the face. She gasped, but then stifled a laugh. This was the second time she had her face splattered with sperm in just the last few hours. She closed her eyes and let his cum splatter across her face. It hit her forehead, her nose, her cheeks and her lips. She even had it in her hair.

A few moments later Linda realized that she had actually swallowed her son's cum, and like his clear juice, it really didn't taste bad. She saw cum still dripping from the tip and took the head inside her mouth again. She sucked hard, bringing more of his sweet juice into her mouth. When none seemed to be left his cock began to shrink, and she began to feel the inevitable embarrassment at what she had done. She hurriedly got up, picked up her robe and went into the toilet. She used a towel to wipe the cum from her face and hair. Then she put on her robe.


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  • My name is Donald J Trump and I approve this story.

  • Loved this instalment

  • Just quit writing this incest and do what you do best! Jerking off loser.

  • Great story!

  • For fuck sake no more pleeeeaasse

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