Lung Cancer Fetish

I am a "smoke fetish damager." I cannot c-m without toxic cigarette smoke in my lungs. I know I'll regret it when I finally get Lung Cancer, but when I'm jerking off or fucking all I think about is how fun it is to damage my body with smoke. I also am hoping to find someone who I can turn into a damager and hopefully watch them get sick and d1e before I do. I want to m@sturbate and force them to smoke cigarettes while they are on their d3ath bed and blow my cigarette smoke in their face. My biggest fantasy is finding a married father of y0ung c1ldren and forcing a cigarette addiction and damage fetish on him... working d3adly smoke deep in his lungs and growing tumors that will leave his k1ds without a fath3r in a few years.


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  • You suck, i hope you get cancer in your ass

  • LOL, All these comments were made by the same person, one after the other. Nice cut and past jobs. It's the same negative critiques over and over again.

  • Sexy, sexy, sexy beast! OMMFG!!

  • Stop replying to your own story mental head!

  • What a weirdo.

  • You'r a pussy thats it. Just another wimp! If you really want to die then hang yourself.

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