Smoking Mothers - A question for you.

My aunty encouraged me to try taking puffs of her cigarette when i was just 6, and, with her guidance, I was shown how to inhale and was heavily addicted by my 7th b'day. It was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt to experience a deep drag of smoke going into my young lungs. I smoked full strength all white menthol, usually at least a pack of 25s a day right throughout my childhood. Being a smoker at such a young age made me behave more maturely, helped me to relax, and feel comforted. I loved watching myself in the mirror smoking, and, often, my aunt would take me out so that we could smoke in public places. Being seen smoking made me feel aroused, and confident.

What I am saying to you naughty smoking mothers who light up all day in the house with your kids is that you might be pleasantly surprised as to how close you and your child would begin to feel, and how trusted your little boy or girl would feel, if you let them begin smoking with you. I know lots of people would have me flogged, but I can't help what happened to me, and I know better than the critics that becoming an addicted smoker as a child helped me massively to navigate the ups and downs of childhood.

If you smoke inside, your kids are already well accustomed to breathing in your second-hand smoke, so why not take things a step further and help them to smoke themselves. As a parent myself, I have guided both my girl and boy to start smoking with me and to let themselves get hooked. My daughter started smoking when she was 6, and not long after that, my son wanted me to let him smoke when he was just 5. We were and still are a very close and happy smoking family, and now, many years later, my children are letting me be a part of their own kids introduction to smoking. As a family who loves smoking, we recently helped my granddaughter begin smoking when she was just 4, and, even though she is really young, she has quickly become an habitual smoker. When she stays with me, I always give her a new packet of menthols, give her an ashtray and encourage her to light up as often as she likes. It is obvious from the look on her face, especially when she is lying in bed in the morning holding her first burning smoke of the day that she is feeling really sensual and she tells me she loves the feeling of smoke going into her. After just three months of starting, my granddaughter is smoking lose to a pack a day, everyday, and she is totally thrilled that me and her mom lets her smoke. She now knows that she has no choice but to keep smoking and that she is addicted like us, but she says that she doesn't mind and that her cigarettes make her feel safe.

The hardest part for my GD is while she is at kindy, but we let her smoke in the car on the way, and we light her up as soon as she gets back in the car after kindy is finished. With my own kids, it became too hard for them to get thru the day at school without being able to smoke, and so, I took the plunge and began home-schooling them. I think I did a really good job of this, and i knew as I watched my kids as they smoked at their desks while they did their school work that they were now able to focus really intently on their lessons. Both my kids grew up just fine and they now both have professional careers. They tell me that they knew straight away when I taught them how to inhale that they loved the feeling, and that they felt so fortunate that I (& my man) encouraged them to start when they did.

Believe me, if you love smoking, that the feeling feels just as good, probably even better, for a child. You might be surprised, but there are more parents out there than you would think who do the same thing. I have read so many heartfelt posts of adults who have let their little one start smoking, and, without exception, it has been a wonderful and happy experience.

If you feel a little curious by what I am saying, reply back to me and I'd be happy to talk to you about what I guarantee you will be a deeply bonding experience for your family.

4 months ago

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    • Well then, I suppose you and your daughter will both be extremely proud a few years from now when your granddaughter is the only girl in her middle school who's dying of lung cancer! Congratulations!! Nice work!

    • Do you ever wonder why nobody ever wants to kiss you? Is that what you want for your granddaughter?

    • I enjoy reading your posts about your own smoking and the sensuality of it, and how your children and their children have responded to your example, your encouragement, and your guidance. You are a lovely lady, and I certainly appreciate your sharing such an important part of your life with us here. THANK YOU!!

    • You wrote the story and replied to it OP. Fuck off! Smoking is all but dead nowadays.

    • All untrue, but if it pleases you to believe ANY of it, feel free to do so, you retard.

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