Cab Driver, Master

I know that being the Master is a fantasy of yours that you're hoping your Chinese girlfriend will bring to you. Wouldn't it be more exciting be the Master of another man? I can suck your cock as well as she can. Maybe better! You keep saying that you want to fuck her in the ass. Why not fuck me in the ass? My ass is tight too! You know I'm a quiet, kind of reserved guy. And you probably think I'm straight. I know for sure that you would enjoy being my Master! But only because it's me that you are making do things to your cock! If you choke your girl with your cock it might be considered abuse. But if you fuck me in the mouth it could be a dream come true for me! I've always wondered what it would be like to let another guy do whatever he wanted to me! Why not you? (By the way, I can also make you breakfast and serve it to you in bed and suck on your cock while you eat!) I want you to know I'm serious, Pete. I want you to make me your cock slave! It would be so much fun! So weird, so bizarre! I want you to tell me what to do with and to your cock and I will willingly do it, Master. So don't wait! Don't imagine me sucking your cock. Instead you could watch me do it! Think about it man. You can still correspond and think about being with your Chinese girl and still have me here to suck your cock every day! It could be the best of both worlds. Plus, there's the added level of excitement from us being friends so long! I think I know you, Pete. I think you would really enjoy making me choke on your cock, suck on your balls and swallow your cum shots! Think about how much fun it will be stick your big hard cock right down my throat! Me of all people! I know you would love being my Master. I know how much it would turn you on do things to me with your cock, Pete! I swear to you I'm serious. Mention this note, or the many others and I will admit it all! I think it would be awesome be your cock slave, buddy! You will feel wonderful, powerful! With the power to make even me, an old friend and longtime buddy eat your cock! You will have the power to fuck me, your friend! I want to be submissive, subservient. Your personal cock slave. You will love having the power to do anything to me with your cock, buddy! You would be surprised at the things I'm willing to do! I know you've always thought I was straight that's what will make it extra special, my Lord. Command me. Make me do things you never thought I would do. I will obey. C1330.

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