Hook up with long ex co- worker

I meet up with long time ex co-worker . We worked together at a warehouse leasing company she was in the office and I was always running around on all of the property’s . The 2 of us left the company a months apart about 2 tears ago .
Somehow we run into each other at a local restaurant . The 2 of us are both alone so we decided to have dinner together and make up for lost time .
So we talked and had a few drinks. We both are single. So as we are eating dinner she put her on my thigh and asked me if I wanted to go back to her place for a few more drinks. Of course I said yes .
So we went back to her house and had a few drinks and after a little we started to kiss each other . Before she even no knew it I grabbed her up off the floor by her right ass and carried her into her bedroom and payed her down on her bed and climb on top of her slowly removing her top to expose her nice size firm breast and start kissing her neck and work my way down to her breast and then to her belly while I’m licking every inch of her sexy sweaty body . Her scent is so intoxicating to me that I want to take her into my arms and make love to her all night long. She began moaning saying to me to please go down between her legs and start to eat her pussy . She started to bag me to go down on her so after she started to grind her hips against my body I couldn’t help myself anymore so I went down between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs teasing her beyond control . I pushed her so out of control that she raped her legs around my head and pulled my head against her wet pussy telling me to make her have a Orgasm on my face . After I made her have a few Orgasms with me eating her pussy . I got up and removed my pants and put my hard cock between her tits and started to fuck her tits and she would pull me forward to take my dick into her mouth and start sucking on my duck she was sucking me so hard it felt like she was trying to suck my ball out the tip of my dick . After her sucking my Dick for a few minutes I told her that I want her to get on top of me and ride my dick until she squirts all over me!
I love how it feels when a woman squirts all over my face and body .
Just as I was about to Cumm I let her know so can decide what she wants to do so she got off of me and went down between my legs and made me Cumm in her mouth and swallowed every drop of my load . After she was done swallowing my load she payed down on t chest and we feel asleep until the next morning. She woke me up saying that she’s ready for a second round. After more sucking and fucking we got cleaned up and went out for breakfast. After that night we started to catch up a few times a month to enjoy each other body’s.

25 days ago

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