Boyfriend And His Sister

I never expected to be in a relationship with this guy and his sister but my sexual cravings and lustful thoughts caused me to venture out and try Bi. I never was interested in same gender sex until I started to pal around with my boyfriend's sister. She was a couple of years younger than my boyfriend but the same age as and me, but a bit lighter and smaller than me. She out did me in a swimsuit. At the state park while in the woman's bath house while we undress from our swimsuits her nude body seem to entice me. I never thought I'll get an interest in another woman. Her huge areola's on her puffy small breasts stood out. They covered about 50% of her breasts. She also has a big smooth puffy camel toe kitty with trimmed vagina hairs above it. We began to dry each other off with our towels. I got really turned on whenever I ran the towel over her breasts and down between her legs. As time passed on I couldn't resist cupping her breasts and kissing them. She didn't say anything but smiled.
Her brother and I was satisfying our sexual desire one afternoon and I asked him if he ever saw his sister's privates. "No! why do you ask." he said. "Do you know she has big abnormal areola's and big camel toe cunt." I decided to get him sexually aroused again by telling him all about my fantasy of us three in a threesome and him shooting his loads all over his sister's tits and camel toe kitty. Suddenly he held me down tight while he filled me with his cream pie. I took a picture of it with my camera phone .
Us three decided to go to the beach one weekend. We shared a motel room with a double bed. We all had a little too much partying. Her brother passed out on the bed. As I started to undress, my boyfriends sister came over and felt my breasts. "I wish my breasts was as full as yours and bounced around like them." as she touched them and started to pinch my nipples. My nipples won't stiffen up like yours as she began to put her mouth on them. We got onto the other bed while her brother was passed out. We kissed and groped each other. Fingering the vaginas while forcing each other tits into one another's mouth. Then my boyfriend's sister said, "I wasn't sure that your into BI play, but when you kissed me and cupped my breast I got interested.
"Let's see if your brother is interested in you. Tomorrow on the beach, accidently expose your breast and vagina to him." That night in the motel room I told my boyfriend that I want to see his sister massage his dick with her camel toe cunt. He was surprised but willing. He stiffened right up when his sister got naked and climbed into bed with him. I watched her slide her cunt up and down his shaft as I kissed her and squeezed her puffy breasts. I told her I wanted to stroke her brother off onto her tits and swollen cunt.
I'm losing interest in her brother and prefer a woman more. We'll see where this relationship goes.

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