My girlfriend's mom

I've known my girlfriend for 20 years and we've been boyfriend/girlfriend for about 4 years. I've known my girlfriend's mom for about 15-17 years and for the past 10 years, I've been attracted to my girlfriend's mom.

About 5 years ago, while at my girlfriend's place, I went to pee and found a pair of panties which belonged to my girlfriend's mom on the floor of the bathroom where she had left them after taking a bath when she was staying with my girlfriend for a while. I picked up her panties noticing a dry yellow tinge in the crotch. I sniffed the crotch and inhaled the gentle scent of her pussy mixed with day old urine. I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and wrapped her panties around it stroking it a few times before peeing in the toilet. When I finished peeing, I wiped the drop of pee from the tip of my cock into the crotch of my girlfriend's mom's panties and squeezed out a few more drops by hand to add to the panties before putting them back where I found them.

I don't know if she did it on purpose, but on a few more occasions, my girlfriend & I visited her mom at home and I would find that my girlfriend's mom had left her dirty panties laying on the floor in the bathroom. I would always pick them up, smell them and stroke my cock with them, sometimes wiping the last drop of pee from my cock with them before putting them back where I found them. I was tempted to masturbate and deposit a load of cum into her panties before putting them back, but was scared that she would get mad at me and I wouldn't have more opportunities to get my hands on her panties.

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  • It's a very common fantasy. I used to live with my girlfriend in her parents house. I would often look through the key hole if the bedroom door where you could see the bathroom door and so many times I saw my girlfriend's mum naked going into the bathroom or coming out of the bathroom. I loved my girlfriend but really fancied her mum. My girlfriend was on a night shift and me and her mum had a few drinks and obviously I gave her plenty of JD in her coke! Anyway, one thing led to another and I managed to get her in bed! We had sex all night and even now my ex girlfriend doesn't know what me and her mum did.

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