Cheating with co worker

Girlfriend cheated with her co worker . One day she comes out with a co worker after work I am there to pick her up. She says he just started I said we can give him a ride home . Well he is this young fit black guy maybe 18 if that she 25 at the time. One day she takes her car to work and I am at her house waiting she shows up 2 hours late . I was like wth she I had to work late. She goes straight to bed no shower. Me being horny as fuck 18 at the time say let me get some she like not tonight me pushing the issue she says ok. Well my M O is to go down first she like no I'm like come on just a taste she says make it quick . I get down there starting licking slow before you know it she pushing my head in saying lick that pussy . Little did I know that BBC had pounded it and dropped his load in her. I come up for air started pounding it till I drop my load in her. We fall asleep next morning there a knock at her door I answer and it's her co worker .I was like can I help you he was like I'm here to see valerie. He says what are you doing here . I was like I'm her boyfriend remember he like she said you guys broke up that he was with her last night. I'm wtf he leaves and I ask her wth you were with him last night she admits yeah and they had unprotected sex and he came in her. I was like you let me go down on you she like I sad no at first . Sucks to be clean up

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  • I guess your moral of the story don't let her have male worker friends especially Black boys unless you want to taste bbc

  • Yup 100 percent right. Bad thing is gets me horny thinking of it. Her pussy getting pounded by young bbc . Dude actually had her standing bowlegged for a couple day.

  • So you stayed with her? how was the conversation afterwards?? weren´ you mad?

  • When was this and are you still together?

  • Seriously, did you really like it?

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