Im a single mom of 2, 33 years old. Broke up with my boyfriend in October. Been thinking of doing either hook ups or attempt to start dating.

I been thinking to start dating or hook up with a black man. I recently have a fetish for a black gangsta / Thug type a guy.

I just want a good aggresive fucking. I have always had plain jane type of sex with my ex boyfriend. I want some crazy sex.

Anyone else have luck on tinder or any other dating app finding these type of guys?

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  • There ya go hoe, throw yourself at thug... only ones have your old worn out saggy slag ass. Your pathetic!!

  • My ex and I (still FWB -- both remarried) -- sort of brag how we used to cheat on each other. We were on a bus Boston to NYC and were split up -- she was paired with a black teacher. When it got dark our she gave him a blowjob while I was snoozing 4 rows up. What a hussy she is, but I like that about her.
    So take a bus to NYC.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You are too old for them sorry. They are usually dead before they reach 25 years old, And their bitches are younger.

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