I thought he was lying

I responded to some guy here quite awhile back , we started texting on a chat app. Any way he told me that his beautiful wife was a bad drunk and that when she would pass out he would let guy's do her. I went along with it but didn't believe him. Couple weeks ago he texted me late at night and said it might happen. I told him some of the things I would love to see. He actually showed me everything no shit. I couldn't believe it. At first I was completely turned on , now I am feeling remorse for the things they did to her.

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  • I was babysitting for my neighbors one night, when they came home all drunk off their ass, they could barely stand, she kept telling him she wanted him, and he kept saying leave me alone, then he tells me hey kid (I was sixteen) help her to the bedroom, and take care of her. I helped her to the bedroom and next thing I knew she was naked and on all fours, and turns to me and said do you know what to do? I wasted no time, not to mention I didn't last long. But we kept going until she was satisfied. We both fell asleep. She woke up first and started flipping out, I explained to her what had happened, she told me to get out, and all day long you could hear her and her husband yelling. Few months later they moved, and before that I never babysat again nor did we speak

  • I do the same to my wife.

  • Really huh , I didn't realize how many people are doing it

  • I don't see the problem

  • Remorse? What did you ask to see done to her?

  • It wasn't much I just wanted to watch live as they fucked her

  • Too bad huh? No he knows where you live and will visit her when you are gone

  • That doesn't make sense ???

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