Big Girl Tests His Mettle

At the behest of the Skate Rat, I asked my across the hall neighbor, Laura, if she would fuck him. She had an on-again / off-again relationship with an oaf-like dolt named Vince. I thought my timing was right as I knew she was, at that moment, in an off-again phase. I'd be wrong. She bristled at the very suggestion, and peppered me with several questions, the main one being, "What are YOU getting out of this ? " I apologized, and shrugged, saying, " I was hoping to watch or join in, " but played it off as " probably a bad idea. " She cooled off and mused, " A threesome, huh ? I've done that before, but it was with a guy and another girl. It was okay, but, two guys would be better ! " She gave me a toothy smile, and agreed. We set a date for two weeks later.

The Skate Rat was thrilled, as I had surmised. He claimed to have been getting "all kinds of pussy" but I doubted it. He wasn't very happy with the proposed threesome. " Man, I'm not doing anything with you around anybody else ! " I soothed his worries and told him I wouldn't touch him, indeed, wouldn't even look at him if it made his dick go soft. He pouted and grudgingly agreed.

The big night arrived along with the warnings of an approaching ice storm. The Skate Rat was torn because all his skate rat buddies were going to see KISS in Steubenville. I chuckled at his dilemma and told him, " Yeah, go see those painted fools, watch the guy spit blood, and miss out on some sure pussy, and the best blowjob this side of...well, me ! " He fretted until I told him, " She'll have some drugs, don't worry. "

Laura answered the door wearing a thermal tee and pink sweatpants, her hair tied up. With no bra, her ample breasts and brown nipples punctuated the tee. The Skate Rat was nervous, and barely spoke. Laura offered hash, Quaaludes , and some cold duck sparkling wine. News reports of the ice storm flashed on the tube, so we put on a porn video.Thirty minutes later SR was buzzed, babbling freely. Laura lit some scented candles, and paused to watch some cunnilingus on the video. " I wanna do that ! " SR blurted. Laura smiled and said, " And you shall ! " and dropped her sweats and shucked off the tee, revealing a trimmed brown bush, and two large tits. We had a second to stare when the power blacked out. We burst into laughter, and adjusted to flickering candle light. " Take off your fucking clothes, guys, " Laura insisted. We did, post haste.

SR got down and ate Laura's pussy. She made some appropriate noises, but, looked at me and rolled her eyes. He sensed it and tried harder. She finally made him stand up. His eight inch boner swung menacingly . " Wow, you're bigger than Vince ! " Laura remarked, pulling him close, and putting her fat lips over his cock head. She sucked him a bit, then, made us sit side by side on the couch. " Whoever comes first doesn't get to fuck me first ! " and she took turns sucking our dicks. I knew SR had incredible staying power, and hung in far longer than myself, even with Laura deep-throating him. Three bobs into her third time on me, I warned that I was coming. She swallowed while SR gave a woozy thumbs up.

At some point she had him on her bed, on all fours. He still hadn't come and she got some lube and latex gloves. She told him, " I'm going to milk the bull. But, you'd better not come. I want you up in me ! " She put some lube on her right hand, and rubbed it on his cock, and began expertly stroking him. She had done this for me, before, and I didn't last but a few minutes. She had me pour some lube on her left hand, and she used it to massage his large balls. His cock grew very rigid, and turned purple red. He began mewling and moaning and crawling towards the headboard. " Where you going ? " she asked, and encircled his balls with her left hand, pulling on them. " I'm about to shoot off ! " he whined. She quit stroking his cock, and, jammed a thumb in his pee hole , and her left thumb in his anus. He cried out in pain and surprise, and froze. " Don't you come ! I mean it ! You'd better not shoot it ! " she warned, then, resumed stroking him. As he would near orgasm, she would plug his pee hole, and bury that thumb in his ass. I got incredibly hard watching this. Laura gave me a lewd wink, and kept stroking until he exploded like a busted bottle of liquid Pearl soap, and collapsed, gasping. She looked at me, peeled off her gloves, and lay on the bed, spreading her legs.

I ate her pussy for a long time. She made appropriate noises again, that might have been real. Sopping wet, she climbed aboard my hard cock and rode me, cowgirl, then, reverse cowgirl. I held out, and mounted her missionary, and kissed her, and mauled her jiggling tits. Finally, I dismounted, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and took her from behind. SR had gone to the bathroom to wipe the lube out of his ass, and wandered back in time to watch me fuck her. I could see him stroking out of the corner of my eye. I turned to watch him, and he winked and stroked harder. It broke my concentration and I felt the sap rising quickly. I pulled out and shot it all over Laura's quivering, fat ass cheeks. SR smiled and whispered a familiar observation, " Triplets ! " I wiped her off, and stood aside as he took over. He used her hard, and it looked like he might have done it before. He fucked her hard and fast, and flipped her over, pinning her wrists to the bed and rammed her, growling. He pulled out and shot it on her belly flap and tits. She wiped off and crawled under the covers. We joined her, one on each side. Warm and cozy and very satisfied.

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