I think I turned my bf BI, and I like it!

Oh sweetie you have to experience watching two guys fuck!!! I convinced maybe con’d my bf into fucking a gay friend of mine. We all got drunk and a little high. I slipped my bf a Cialis and kept getting him hard with his pants on. After a few hours of this my gay friend said if I wouldn’t get him off he would. He pulled my bfs cock out of his pants and sucked it. My bf has always wanted to fuck my lil ass but honestly my ex bf was huge and very dominant and used to fuck my ass regularly. I told my bf if he’d let my gay friend fuck him I’d let him fuck my ass. After another drink and edging him more he finally agreed. My gay friend has a nice 7” thick and veiny cock. He laid my bf down on his back and I lubed his ass up. My gay friend made my bf put the condom on him and then entered him. My bf had been edging all night and came so hard after a minute of having his tight little virgin asshole fucked. My gay friend ducked him for 15 minutes and when he was ready to cum I told him to cum on my bf!!! He pulled out and ripped the condom off and exploded all over my bfs chest and some hit his chin. I scooped some up with my finger and tasted it. I told my bf how yummy it was. Without asking I scooped up a huge amount of my gay friends cum and shoved it in my bfs mouth and told him to suck my fingers. He did.

A week later I let my bf fuck my ass. He came so quick I hardly felt him. I told him if he wanted to try again he’d have to let my gay friend fuck him again. Two weeks later after fasting for 4 days and a three enemas my bf got fucked for two hours by my gay friend. I was so turned on I let my bf fuck my ass after my gay friend finished with him. He lasted a lot longer this time! Maybe it was because my gay friend was behind my bf rubbing his chest, pinching his nipples and fingering his ass. A few weeks later my bf asked if my gay friend was busy that coming weekend. I think I may have turned my bf bi. It’s great because my gay friend loves fucking my bfs sissy ass. We’ve had many 3sums MMF. It took a while but my bf sucked my gay friends cock. I made him kiss my gay friend after he came in my bfs mouth. I love my bi bf!

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  • This is my biggest fantasy... the MMF threesome! I would be open to doing it with my wife and another guy, or even better another couple. My wife and I had a few foursomes when we were first married. The girls had done everything imaginable together and finally convinced us guys to suck each other and we did, but only for a few minutes. Then we went back to fucking the other guys wife. I wanted to finish my friend off though, for him to cum in my mouth while my wife watched and I hoped she would talk dirty to me and 'make' me suck him and swallow his load. Maybe someday...

  • Years ago I reconnected with an old girlfriend from high school . We meet up at a bar and she is with her boyfriend. We have drinks and she invites me back to their apartment. They start making out and Im like well I better get going and get up to leave. Her boyfriend grabs my arm and says she wants you to say and join us. She looks at me and says Please ?? I end up in bed with them kissing and making out with her ,playing with her tits and pussy. He is pretty much doing the same . All is going well when I feel his hand on my dick. I'm like Im not into guys, He gets up closer to me and says he isn't either but its her biggest fantasy.She starts saying I could just keep playing with her while he played with me but she wanted to see his suck me.I guess out of curiosity I gave in and let him .It was so fucking hot hearing her telling him to suck my cock and asking if he liked having her ex boyfriend's hard cock in his mouth. I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would and when she asked me if I would suck him I went for it. It was a very erotic experience having her watching us suck each other off.

  • I have had this happen with an ex gf too! I ended up going home with them from the bar, and when things heated up, she wanted me to suck her new bf. It was a wild experience.

  • I had some bi threesomes with my ex gf. It was the hottest thing ever to hear her calling me those dirty names while we played

  • What did she call you?

  • My favorite was when she called me "her little cocksucker"

  • Lil’ cock sucking slut. 😂

  • She called me a slut too. So embarrassing to see the emoji too.

  • The first time I sucked cock, I knew I was bi

  • How was it baby? Did you swallow! Good slut boy.

  • You sound like a female friend I had in college. Jen was a slender woman with long brown hair and lovely blue eyes. I was in love with her but she only saw me as a friend. She had a boyfriend who was athletic and good-looking and the two seemed inseparable. He knew I liked her but wasn't threatened by me. We would all party together with a bunch of other people. One day, she began to get a little flirty with me, more touching, pecks on the lips when we would meet, that sort of thing but she still dated her bf. Once at a party at her parent's house, we were in the living room as he was pulling up into the driveway and she dared me to moon him as he pulled up. I thought it was a random suggestion but I complied to make her laugh. She thought it was great and clapped; I thought it was just a prank. It turns out that he was bisexual and was interested. The two had been talking about me and I learned that she watched a lot of gay porn and was turned on by watching two guys together.

    Later, when almost everyone else had left or passed out, Jen and I were playing pool downstairs. He came downstairs and cornered me. He had taken off his shirt and began undoing his pants. Jen put her pool cue down and approached me from behind, kissing my neck and rubbing my crotch over my jeans, giving me a hard-on and then sticking her hand down my pants. She kept whispering in my ear, "You know, no one will judge you. He's very handsome, isn't he?" Her bf took down his pants and j.a.cked off his huge dick about five feet from me. She said, "You can get naked, too, if you want." I didn't but I didn't stop her from playing with me. "You can lick me while he's with you." She offered. I froze up, realizing that she wanted to watch him do me. Nope. Didn't want that. Her BF came like a racehorse. I ran upstairs. We didn't hang out again. I heard that they did find a third guy later for themselves.

  • I would love to fuck your boyfriend ass while he fucks u

  • I wish I could find a woman like you. I can't seem to admit it on my own.

  • Better be careful not your bf is gonna leave you for your gay friend. Very hot though, it's a shame so many guys are closeted. Never know what you're missing out on till you try it!

  • IDK maybe he will! 😂 My gay friend told me my bf has texted him a few times. Nothing too definite but my bf did tell my gay friend he’d never had an experience like he did with him and then sent some emojis 😖🥺👄🍆❤️❤️ I told my gay friend if my bf asks to meet him don’t turn him down! If my bf is turning bi or OMG even gay then he should be treated like the sissy he wants to be. My gay friend told me if my bf really does ask him that he’d bring along another gay guy and show him what being a sissy is really like. I’m thinking of making up an excuse after this pandemic is over where I can’t see my bf. Hoping he’ll call my gay friend!!

  • I will never forget the first time I touched another man's cock. I was so scared but it felt so right.

  • Oh baby do tell. Did you do more than just touch it that time? Cum on baby tell! Don’t leave a lady waiting 😉

  • Message me for some hot fun if you wanna be wet at my Snapchat account (hotboy14171)

  • I actually got on my knees before I even touched it. I wanted to see it up close as I first grabbed it. Feeling him instantly start to grow it was such a natural instinct to lick the head and take him in my mouth. Very powerful experience

  • Wow babygirl! Your first time. How were your cock sucking skills? Where did you learn to suck cock? I had to practice a lot to get really good. You must have been dying to get that first one.

  • I mean it probably wasn't the best head, but I tried really hard and he did end up cumming so 🤷‍♂️

  • Yes I let him fuck my tight virgin ass with his fat hard cock and I loved it up ass.

  • My my babygirl!! You went all out your first time. From never having touched a cock before to sucking it and taking him in your lil ass! Aren’t you a big girl now.

  • Somebody else must have done the same lol. I only sucked him.

  • You THINK you turned him bi? When will you know for sure, when he takes two cocks up his ass at once?

  • I know right! I think he’s liking it too much. Well you can never really like having your ass fucked by a beautiful man too much.

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