The Good Old Days

We married in our early 20’s and shorty after moved across the country to the East coast for my job. My wife was able to get a great job at a large law firm and quickly made friends. Soon they were asking her to happy hour with the cool crowd.

One night she came home really late and had too much to drink (note...we lived near the commuter train stop, so no driving was involved). She started telling me that while sitting at the crowded bar one of her male coworkers began rubbing her thigh and worked his way up. She turned toward him and spread to give him greater access. The combination of the alcohol and a coworkers fingers overcame her and lust took over.

As she explains it, something came over her and she asked if they could go somewhere, so they headed to his apartment, but they never made it. Instead, she was so horny (and drunk) they they found a dark alley where he quickly pulled her panties down, turned her around and took her from behind. She kept repeating how big he was and how great he felt inside of her. He pulled out just in time for her to get on her knees and finish in her mouth.

She passed out soon after telling me the story. I expected her to wake up the next morning and apologize for what happened. Instead she said nothing for most of the day. Other than we had reservations for dinner at a downtown restaurant that evening. During dinner she told me every single detail.... how it felt to have his fingers inside of her, what his dick felt like and how much bigger it was than mine and how she could not wait to do this again. I became keenly aware that the people at the tables next to us could hear everything she was saying (and how aroused I was). She has planned this.

After paying the check, she asked if I could get her something from the backseat of the car. Meanwhile she would be waiting at the bar. In the backseat was a small suitcase, which I quickly brought back to the bar where she was now sitting next to another man. She introduced him as her new friend from last night and explained that there were spending the weekend together...all loud enough for everyone nearby to here. I was devastated and confused. But as I walked out, I realized I was hard as a rock.

That was the beginning of her three year journey as a hotwife. I spent most weekends by myself while my wife was her “boyfriends.” We eventually moved to another city and she had some experiences with strangers, but it stopped after we had a child. Not that it’s just the two of us again and we just moved to a new city, I wonder if history will repeat itself.


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