"Best friend"

When I was a young boy I used to hang out at this park at night. It was my secret queer place. No one knew about it until one night after a party. It was late when me and my buddy left. We parted ways except he turned and followed me unseen. He knew something was up when I headed away from my house. I never knew he was there hiding in the bushes watching me where I sat on the park bench sucking cocks. He saw me give blowjobs to two men before he came from his hiding place. When I heard the noise so close I nearly ran but I could see the person coming out of the bushes. He had his T-shirt pulled up over his face and his cock in his hand as he strolled up to me. I had no idea it was him so I sat where I was and when he stood in front of me I started sucking on his cock without saying a word! He didn't let on until the end after he cummed but while I was still sucking on his cock. His T-shirt fell away from his face. Still from that angle and in the dark I didn't recognize him. I just kept right on sucking his cock until he called me by name. I knew you were a fag, he said. Thankfully, he couldn't say anything to our friends without revealing how he knew for certain I was queer. But from that moment on whenever he feels like getting his cock sucked he makes me do it! Which is sometimes three times a day. Thank God he doesn't know I like to get fucked because I know he'd fuck me every chance he got! He really is an asshole. He demeans me while I'm on my knees. That's all I'm good for. I am just a cum-eating faggot and he has a lot of cum for me to eat. He's my best friend and I hate him.


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  • The first time I unzipped another boy's pants and ducked um I kinda felt like I was so gay?

  • I meant sucked um.

  • And unzipped him while he pushed his pants completely down freeing a very stiff cock which i sucked on loving the feel of it filling my mouth and hearing the obvious pleasure coming from him.Its a shame he did not seem to want to know me after he`d come in my mouth and that i seemed to blame for the guilt he was feeling.It never kept him away long but he had some very frustrating moments till he treated me a lot better

  • When I was littler there was lots of guys that would cum in me and act like they didn't even know me afterward.

  • Iv very little experience but i used to suck of a guy in his late teens who ,d change the moment he came in my mouth.I was 47 married and a first timer and was daft enough to confide a fantasy which i don`t think i ever thought id go though with but he was very keen and stood playing with his zip. I felt guilty but my excitement grew as i imagined his cock in my mouth and i just could not resist

  • I'm the cute sissy kid who does stuff with the older boys behind the field house in the park. I thought I was the only one who does stuff like that until my friend showed me stuff online.

  • If you know he would fuck you then I would say he is at least bi and even though you hate him for blackmailing you, You also love it and should enjoy sucking his cock

  • What an ass your friend if he even is. I once was one of those cute young boys and still love eating cum. Honey somehow get rid of him and anyone who likes another male to suck their cock are themselves gay. wish I was there to help you.

  • I was a cute little boy sl*t looking for action in the park by grandma's house. Thinking about it now I was quite obvious.

  • Friends with benefits is great! Enjoy!!

  • He is most likely gay and has not come to terms with it.

    You should not hate your best friend, you should enjoy sucking his cock. Good luck to you.

  • Yes you should enjoy it. You love to eat cum and he is giving you the opportunity.

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