My fat wife

Two years ago, my friend and I were in a hotel bar . At a table sat two women having drinks. One was about 60 and the other about in her 40s. Of cause we both wanted the younger women. But I went along with my buddy and let him go for her. We sat down with then and as time went by . We started to come on to the ladies. They were not interested in a 4 some being they were mom and daughter. So Tim took the younger one to her room and I went with the Overweight mom. Or should I say fat mom. She was at lest 230 lbs with big saggy tits with big nipples not to dark in color. A big fat ass and a big hairy pussy not even trimmed. Her face was beautiful her kiss was wonderful and so hot I was erect before she even did anything. I kissed my way down to her pussy. It had a strong sent of pussy. Any way she was on her back as I gave her oral pleasure. After a short time she had her first of two orgasums. Now it was my turn I turned her over and got her in the position so I could fuck her doggie style. This would let me get deeper penetration as I fucked her. Her ass was so large as I got behind her and slowly entered her hot pussy. It did not take long before I had to release my first of two loads that night. When the morning came we went for one more romp before showering., and getting ready for breakfast.I needed to see this woman again and she agreed. Now two years later I have a wife almost 10 years older but also a fat one that treats me great not only with sex, but in every way. I love her.


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  • Fat girls and fat wife's suck better they will try to take all of you in their mouths and if you like dressing like a girl wearing sexy panties and garters bras nightys pantyhose well your fat wife's will fit

  • Married 6 months my wife (Jill) and I split. We couldn't afford a divorce and we're not sure we wanted one. We had spent a ton on a new house. I moved to a spare room and we discreetly dated others. We weren't bringing our dates home for overnight stays. But some nights she never came home. Some nights I didn't.
    A year goes by and we're back together. We have a secluded back yard pool, Jill's often floating around nude. She has a thing about strap marks. Loves bare shoulder outfits, showing tan big tits cleavage. She looks hot. Fri night we're having Bob over, my buddy. He's haveing a terrible divorce, his ex is nailing him. I get off work 2 hours early and Bob and Jill are in the pool, Jill is nude.
    Oh crap, guess he was fucking her during our split. She was fair game so what can I say. I make some noise and she quick puts on her bikini. 40 years go by, Bob dies. Jill fesses up since he's gone. She met him for drinks during our break. He was very despondent and she worried for his safety. She gave him a blowjob in her car by the park, and told him same time next week - something to look forward to. That went on 3 years.

  • Sounds nice! A fat wife will treat you right. Got any advice on how to flirt with a fat older woman? Where would you reccomend to go looking for one?

  • I just found her at a bar .. but fat ladies are everywhere. Just treat her like a queen and give her respect.. If you can get her to smile and laugh you got her my friend

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Fat women are like mopeds!

    They are fun to ride, but you hate to be seen on one.

    Just kidding, enjoy your wife.

  • She is the best sex I ever had...

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