Scared to tell husband my fantasy

I’m f36 and I like young boys staring at me and seeing their thing in there shorts. Also every time me and my husband have sex our teen daughter finds a way to either come upstairs or etc to be around where we are having sex. At first it weirded me out then It really turned me on and might leave the door open a little. Would love to lock eyes with her while I’m screaming daddy or sucking him off.

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  • Its very normal for teens to be curious in regards to sex. If watching is what she likes then I see no harm in that. Your daughter will do whatever she is comfortable with. Maybe each night leave the door open a little wider?

  • We need to talk ,I bet you are wet between your legs sexy

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Mmmm. Its ok to enjoy this its a huge desire most gave and I'd let you watch our 3 if you will atleast a werk

  • Fucking fake incest propaganda written by a guy. Fuck off ass hole.

  • How old are the boys

  • 14 and 16

  • Fuck you pedo.

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