Neighbor is watching

I’ve caught out neighbor watching us through the windows more times than I can count. Caught isn’t even the right word, he doesn’t hide. My husband never sees him. I’ll be sucking his dick and look up and there’s the neighbor in the window, stroking his cock. I don’t stop, though. I like being watched. One night I was blowing my husband on the couch, the door was open, and I could see him watching through the screen door, sitting on our porch rail. My husband had his head back, and his eyes closed, he was pretty high, so he never noticed him. I made a point to open my mouth and show the neighbor the cum before I swallowed. My husband just grunted and fell asleep. I went out to the porch to ask him why he keeps watching us, that my husband would get mad if he saw. He didn’t listen to me at all, or he didn’t act like he heard. He shoved me against the railing and started pushing up my nightie. I tried to whisper that he’d be dead if my husband woke up, but he just pushed in to me. I didn’t fight him off, it felt wonderful, and watching my husband sleep as this neighbor just silently pounded in to me was making me extra hot. He came deep in me, no condom, and when his body thrust against my clit as he ejaculated I felt my legs buckle in orgasm. He pulled out and put his hands on my inner thighs, feeling his jizz run down my legs. He smiled and kissed me and went back to his house. I let my husband sleep it off on the couch. I found myself masturbating all night. I was secretly hoping I’d get pregnant by the neighbor.


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  • I was in a theater late night and after the show was over I stepped outside and tried to get right back into the theater but the door locked and there I was alone with five Blacks gathering around me. All was fine till one behind me took hold of my breasts and began squeezing them rubbing my hardening nipples saying out loud hey she has nice firm ones and he continued to molest them ripping my blouse wide open for all to see. then he started in on my skirt and in no time he had that off of me and started in rubbing my hardening clit and I lost it. I fell back against him and he slipped a finger into me and proceeded to fuck me good with that, but he didn't stop there he held me and another fucked me and filled my puss with his spunk then another and another, finally the guy holding me shoved his cock in me from behind and god he felt massive shoving more and more into me till I felt his belly hard against my ass and he began fucking me slow but deep and soon I was taking all of him in me and he went wild and filled me with his cum. But kept right on fucking me telling me no little white trash was going to get the best of him and before long I was down on the pavement getting fucked hard then he filled me once again with his cum holding himself deep in me telling me from now on I belonged to him and him alone and gave me a wonderful kiss. after A FEW OF HIS KISSES I BEGAN RETURNING THEMMAND BEFORE LONG HE WAS FUCKING ME ALL OVER AGAIN sorry telling me no whitey has ever took all of him before that's why I mean so much to him and why he wants me and gave me his number and told me to call him in the morning as he continued to fuck me like he was really enjoying me I gave him my number and told him to call me sometime. I live alone so don't be afraid then he rammed himself hard into me and filled me once again.

  • I used to listen to my neighbors fuck when I was young. I had no idea why he would always mention guys names while they were having sex. I finally figured it out when I heard him ask her how many students she badly wanted to fuck.While she was either sucking him off or he was fucking her She would say things like as many in the guys locker room that wanted it.How she wanted the opportunity to swallow as many young loads as possible.They even talked about getting pregnant by one of the young guys and never knowing who’s it was.I remember her saying she loves catching these young guys starring at her ass that’s why she wears such tight pants. She was one gorgeous fine blonde Teacher and it was hard to face here whenever I saw her. The best part was him talking to her about fucking black guys and him getting to watch. There was talk about him trying to get a young guy from his job but I never knew if it happened. They moved away shortly after

  • I have never been watched while fucking but its an experience I would like to have

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