First time in public

It was back in the 90s, I was at a rave with my boyfriend, rolling on e. We sat down and made out for awhile, then he got up to dance. I was feeling the chair I was in and didn’t want to move. My dress had come up a bit and I didn’t realize my pussy was showing as I relaxed in the chair. I saw a guy looking at me, he came over and knelt in front of me, putting his hands on my knees. He was smiling and rubbing my legs, it felt so good I just smiled and closed my eyes. That’s when I felt his mouth on my pussy. I just about came right then. I didn’t even care people could see. He ate my pussy for what felt like an hour, but I’m sure it was only a few minutes. He got up on his knees and started to kiss me. I felt his cock slide easily in to me. We fucked right there in that chair. He came in me and everything. I saw him a few more times throughout the night but we’d just smile and wave.

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  • Good girl 👍👍

  • My husband and I vacationed in Europe a few years ago and we found out about a local beach to go and get some sun and relax. When we were walking around looking for a good spot I stopped suddenly when I saw this woman sucking on a mans penis. We had seen some nude bathers already but it was definitely a new experience seeing someone just casually having sex right out in the open. We stayed and soon found out that it was not that uncommon at all as we watched a few couples having sex, I noticed that this was quite a turn on for my husband so I decided that I would give him one. It was very strange sucking on him with an audience but at the same time I was pretty turned on by it.

  • My first time in public was when my wife had my suck another mans cock at a gloryhole, while she watched, then sucked his cum out of my mouth.

  • I had at my hot older sister several times in public, including twice at a nascar race (not my thing, but she wanted me to go with her). We were sitting and having a few in an open, lawn area outside the raceway, started touching each other and messing around, I got her short jeans shorts down, tank top off, and we went at it. Even if people were watching, we weren't the only ones having sex in that open area, and, we didn't care.

    Other time was after an outdoor concert. Good feelings, a bit drunk and smoked-up..And went behind a resort building, like a maintenance or storage building, laid on the grass, and just went at each other. She didn't even bother to put her shorts back on when we finished and got back into my car.

  • Not.

  • Fucking at a concert, in the crowd, was crazy. That was actually with my bf. We were all squished together and I could feel his hard cock against me, so I just reached back and pulled my shorts to one side. He got the hint. People were so close I don’t think anyone knew. He just pumped like he was dancing against me. I’m sure when people saw the cum on my legs later they knew.

  • I would have fucked you throughout the night and make you suck my dick, especially because you have a BF.

  • I will suck your dick.

  • I’ll finish in your mouth, as everyone watches.

  • I will show it is on my tongue and then swallow every drop.

  • FIRST time in public? So there were further public events? Please share, l love a proud slut.

  • Yeah I got a little addicted to the thrill and kind of started fucking everywhere. At first just with my bf, but then with a few strangers. I finally quit when I got married.

  • Why quit ?

  • Did your bf see?

  • Yeah but he liked it. He thought it was hot to watch me with other guys.

  • Fuck that is so hot. Great story.

  • It was a good time.

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