I was 12-15 ,it was in the 70's I got my first taste

We were visiting may fathers friend in the Mountains of Tenn.Thinking about buying land. His son and friend from the farm down the road a couple miles invited us to the farm to ride his pony..Off we went on bicycles. When we rode up the long drive to the farmhouse 5 little girls came running to greet us all giggly and excited..
I'd say freshman in high school the oldest, jr high and down to no school.
Us boys took turns riding the pony with a bridal sitting on a burlap sack for a saddle with the girls chasing and giggling away......After the horse we played hide and seek..Some how I ended up in the corn crib with Linda. She way to young, but whats a boy to do when a little girl in a frilly little dress spreads her legs open for you so you can touch her. That was the day my little head lead the way. I had never touched a girl in that manor ever before,nor had I ever seen what a pussy looked like. I pulled her cotton panty leg to the side, and slid the end of my finger into her wetness. She grabbed my hand and shoved my finger deep into her,,,It's burnt into my memory as if it were yesterday. It was the hottest most slippery feeling I can remember. I jammed it in and out of her over and over.I know deep down she was way too young for such play but she wanted it,liked it..Then the other kids came around the barn to the corn crib so we had to stop...It was getting dark so I had to peddle home. I'll never forget that day. I sniffed my finger all the way home,my cock so hard it ached. Later I sucked my finger clean whiles jacking off.(First feel,first taste).. Dad bought the land a month later...I spent a lot of time at that farm visiting..I got a taste of all those girls...I don't think they had no in their vocabulary. Yep those were the days.

1.1 years ago

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