How I became a cuckold.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 4 years now and everything is great. She is 21 and I am 22. Things are amazing between us and so is our sex life.

She is drop dead gorgeous. Nice petite breasts and cute butt but a 10 on the face. It’s not unusual for her to get stares whenever she goes out. I don’t particularly like all the eyes on her but what can I do so I try to accept it. Here and there guys will try and talk to her but she’ll just be friendly about it as deny if they try to to get with her. She has only been in one more relationship before with a black guy (which will play a big part of the story later) but that’s it. We don’t really talk much about her ex but I have seen him around here and there.

4 months ago she cheated on me... here’s what happened. She was renting out her basement cuz she never uses it and could use some extra money and someone who guys to collage near her house moved in. I didn’t go on to ask who moved in but all I know is it’s a guy who goes to collage and was looking for a place. A few weeks later when I was over at her house I seen a guy come into her basement from her window and figured it was her tenant. It was a tall black guy. Wasn’t very muscular but lean. It made me feel a bit odd that he was living right under her but tried to brush it off.

Fast forward a few months and I seen a difference in her. She’s depressed but not her usually type of depression but more so regret for something and always starts crying when I show her love. One thing she’d always say was I don’t deserve you you’re so good to me. It was weird cuz I’ve never heard her say these things. After talking to her for a long time she finally confessed she cheated on me with the guy in her basement. It felt like my world just ended and a truck hit me. Long story short we didn’t talk for weeks then we got back together as I tried to forget about it.

However something weird has been happening. I keep thinking about what they did together and it would get me aroused. I would masturbate thinking about it and i almost stopped feeling hurt about what she did cuz now I get so horny thinking about it. I told her about this and almost every time we have sex she loves telling me how big his dick was and I love it. One time she even told me while we were having sex that she just had sex with him right before me and it made me cum almost instantly.

Since then I’ve been wanting to watch him fuck her or share pictures of her with other men. This isn’t something I’ve told her yet but I have been wanting to watch her fuck her black man very badly. So I guess I am a cuckold then?

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