Co workers past

I work with a very attractive petite Hispanic female named Iris. Ever since I’ve known her she excites me or anytime always she’s around. There isn’t imperfection I can see on her. She always smells good and always gets all the attention whenever guys visit our office. Over the years we’ve opened up to each other about each other’s significant spouse.My wife even think she’s so attractive.
We’ve actually gone out as couples and although meeting her husband I’ve learned he can be a jerk I try not to let it bother me. Over time I probably know more about her social past more than any person out there. She can be very discreet but I know she’s had discreet affairs and knowing this highly arouses me. I can pick out immediately when she’s interested in a guy. So far I know she’s probably had at least 4-5 affairs.
The thought of her having sex with someone other than her husband turns me on so much I get nervous around her. She’s admitted coming late several times and that her hubby may suspect something. She’s even asked me to cover for her and I just sorta agree.She’ll say she went out with her friends and that they decided to go out to eat an early breakfast. Her husband and me have become close and he’s come to me for advice and comfort. Telling me she’s become distant and doesn’t seem to want to have sex much.I’ve finally had the courage to ask Iris why she’s starting to distance herself from her husband. She’s actually admitted several issues and that the sex has become dull.Everything seems to make sense.
One night we go out as couples and her hubby follows me to the bathroom. I happen to look down and cannot believe what I see. He may be a very attractive guy but I notice he has a micro penis. I started thinking about what Iris said about the sex and now things kinda make sense.
Now I’ve started to think of taking Iris and giving her a good deep hard pounding.
I know that’s what’s she’s missing. I’ve had my chances but getting caught would ruin so much. Here’s my delima...
I want to send out an anonymous email telling her husband what I know about her. Deep down inside it turns me on know what a discreet slut she is. I just think of those gorgeous lips wrapping around a strange mans cock or her opening up her legs ready to receive a bigger cock to fill her up. Just this morning I saw her chatting up with a very young guy and I saw the look in her eyes. More cock for her, young cock ..... mmmmmmm I’m sure she’ll tell me something about him and say something she likes about him

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