Just a matter of time! ??

I love my wife, I love my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Since I was a kid though I’ve always loved cock. When I was 12(ish) and first hitting puberty I used to sneak a look at my dads porn magazines and I would go straight to the adverts at the back, look for the shemale one and wank over that as it was the only place I could see I dick. Years and years later I only ever wank to shemale porn or gay porn. I fantasise about a guy coming on to me in the men’s room and me sucking his dick or letting him fuck me.

I love my wife and I’ve never cheated on her but I’m starting to feel that it’s only a matter of time before I (probably drunkenly) do something I regret (or love) and it changes my life forever.

I just want to try it once. I want one night of passion with a guy or shemale where I can lower myself in to their fat dick and once they are balls deep in me, lean forward and passionately kiss them while they thrust in to my ass over and over. Eventually filling me.

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  • I find it nearly impossible not to want to suck any hot guy my wife picks up. Seeing his full of my wife’s cum all I can think of how much better he fucked her than me and how much she enjoyed it. Seeing how much bigger and hotter it is than mine. I’ve discussed with Lisa how it turns me in but I don’t want to scare the guy off. I’d rather much let it happen as I stroke and watch them make love and him pound her. She loves guys with clean shaved cocks and I understand why. I’m just glad she tells me what really turns her on and me getting to watch her instead of her doing it behind my back. We are always together and although it’s always one of three guys it’s more than enough cock to keep her living out our deepest fantasy. My wife is constantly getting hit on by guys but she is very selective.

  • God what is it with men wanting to get fucked in their ass by other men ??? OR.
    When I was 14 my cousin 16 started in fucking my ass and for two months nightly it was just him then one Saturday while he was fucking me in my own bed in walked some of his friends and all 6 of them had me over and over for several hours filling my ass with their spunk and I became willing to take them all on just about every Saturday after that for several years. Now 44 years later I miss them days for it's hard to find anyone to fuck my ass anymore.

  • Though I am not gay, I have, during threesomes and group sex with my wife, let some of my male friends suck my cock. Especially after I have taken out of my wife's cum filled pussy. I have even, at his request, fucked one of my buddies up the ass several times while he was fucking my wife. I have even let that same guy fuck me up the ass once while I was fucking his girlfriend. So I recommend trying it with group sex.

  • Sexuality can be a very fluid thing. Is this something you could discuss with your wife ? Maybe she would allow a MMF threesome, and you ( and, she ) could explore. If you go the cheating route, and get caught, it's something you can never undo. I wish you the best of luck !

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