Have I cheated?

Is it being unfaithful to watch your boyfriend friend masturbate.
My boyfriend friend is really good at fixing things, he’s repaired my hair straighteners and when I went to collect them he took ages to come to the door.
When he did answer the door he peeked around the door and said oh it’s you sorry I was busy, I said don’t let me stop you I texted you about collecting my straighteners, sorry he said I will get them for you, as he walked away I could see he was half naked holding a towel around himself, I stepped just inside the door and could see the reflection on his laptop, I said your watching porn are you masturbating, I said all this while laughing, as a matter of fact I was until you knocked at the door, like I said don’t let me stop you, yeah right he said I can just see you going back telling everyone, you’re the last person I need watching me.
No I won’t I said promise, ha ha very funny he said, I closed the door and walked to his laptop, go on then finish what you was doing.
Go on I won’t say anything, I can’t just do it like that it’s called masturbating for a reason, you build yourself up.
Ok I said take your time and I will watch, he got himself going again and after a few mins he said he was going to come, while jerking himself off he put a load of toilet paper down then stood up and blasted it out, it was cool to watch.
Now I feel guilty.

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  • It's definitely on the edge, particularly since you strongly encouraged him to do it, rather than a simple voyeuristic situation. Really, it depends on what kind of agreement you have with your boyfriend.

    If you wouldn't be comfortable telling your boyfriend, it was probably cheating. On the other hand, it was a really hot story!

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  • Did he have a nice cock? Maybe you should fix something for him.

  • If your husband can watch porn and it isn't cheating, then seeing it live should not be cheating either.

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