I let my husband show me to his friend

My husband just got in from drinking with his best friend Alex who lives up the street and he’s divorce. He’s nice enough but he gets a little crude when he drinks. I asked my very drunk husband if he had fun and I was told that I was the topic of conversation. “What do you mean?’ I asked. “We both know that Alex has a crush on you. After a few drinks he would not stop talking about how beautiful you are and how sexy you are.” He explained. “Is that all you talked about?” I asked with a doubt in my voice?” “No!” he said sheepishly. “He wanted to know about your body.” “what about my body?’ I asked “Come on baby you have a body of a 30-year-old. You are beautiful with perfect everything’s!” “Perfect everything’s?” I repeated. “Yes..he was asking what you looked like naked so I did my best to describe you. Then he wanted to know what you felt like to make love to.” He explained. “Really!?” I asked stunned that he was discussing that with his friend. “he wanted to know what I was like to make love to? Is that how he put it?” I inquired. Once again, a sheepish look “No! he said he was dying to know what it was like to fuck you!” “Wow did he really say that?” I asked. “Yes! He said that he would give his right nut to see you naked. He even asked me if I would let him see you naked.” “What did you tell him?” “I told him it didn’t matter what I thought. You would never allow it. Would you?” “Well, what do you think?” I asked. I’m not sure he understood the intent of my question because his answer caught me off guard. “I think it would be awesome for you to let me show you off to him!” “Oh really? Did you have a plan?” I asked sarcastically and a little curious to pursue this line of thought. “Yeah! You know the Ambien I sometime take and you tell me a bomb could go off and I wouldn’t wake up? I will tell him you took one and let him come in here and see you sleeping naked!” he said proudly. “Really? That’s your plan? And you think he will buy it?” I said sarcastically and now getting turned on by the possibility of being seen naked by someone other than my husband. Missing the sarcasm, he said “heck yeah it would work! I could call him now and he would be here in 5 minutes.” “OK good so let’s call him!” I said again sarcastically and once again the sarcasm was lost because before I could say another word he was on the phone. “Alex? I need you to come back here now! Remember what you asked? Tonight, would be perfect! Really!...OK Bye! He’s on his way!” he said smiling at me. “Just pretend you are knocked out OK?” rolling my eyes I laid back on the pillow. Hubby got up and turned off the light. I was just lying there with thoughts racing through my head when I heard two drunks trying to be quiet come in the bedroom. There was a small lamp on my nightstand that was on when they came in. I was on my back with my right leg drawn up a bit. The sheet covered me to my neck. Little did my husband know that I was getting hot thinking about what was about to happen. My own husband was going to show my nakedness to someone we knew and would see us again. My heart was racing, I was getting wet and my nipples were now hard!
Both guys paused at the side of my bed. Alex was by my head and my husband by my hip. I heard Alex say “you’re just fucking with me! You won’t let me see your wife naked!” in a loud whisper. With those words my husband said “just watch!” and from my feet he began to pull the sheet down very slowly. I could feel the sheet slide down my neck to my chest the slowly over my right then left nipple. My breasts were now exposed as the sheet continued its journey down my tummy. “AWESOME TIT’S” Alex exclaimed loudly. “Shhhh!” Alex said following his own outburst. “Don’t worry! a bomb could go off and not wake her. Watch!” my husband said as he shook my leg. I lay motionless. “See! Out Cold! He repeated.
The sheet continued down slipping over my pubic mound and then the sheet was discarded to my left leaving me completely exposed to the boys. “AWWW AND SHE HAS A PRETTY PUSSY TOO! You lucky son-o-a-bitch!” he said in a loud drunken slur as he gave my husband a playful shove leaving Alex standing by my right hip. “DAMN look at her!” Alex said as he reached down to feel my pussy which almost sent me to the roof. That was exciting. My husband’s buddy feeling my pussy with my husband watching. I shifted pretending to stir and settled in. “SHIT THAT WAS CLOSE!” Alex said. My husband said “what are you doing?” “I want to feel her pussy! You said it felt silky and I wanted to see!” Alex said matter-of-factly. “NO! my husband said firmly! Alex said “you told me she takes that sleeping stuff every night and she won’t wake up so why not? “OK you can feel her tits and pussy once more then you need to go home. Did my husband just give his buddy permission to fondle me? When Alex was done fondling me they were gone. I waited for my husband to return but in the mean while I dozed off.

10 months ago

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    • This is so, so incredibly hot. I'm dying to know what you look like. Care to share? trallers@pm.me

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