Little wife

I have a deep need to watch my wife with other men but I can’t even bring it up to her she is completely humble and won’t cheet I have even waited till she drank way to much and tried to let my friend have her but she rejects him even if she is barely awake and I won’t let him have her when she is passed out I am a sick man but I won’t condone rape but can one one help me find a way to get her to swing ?

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  • So it looks like all my reply’s and comments are all coming at one time very sorry I guess I just drafted them and didn’t post or something so just thought I would give everyone a little better idea of the woman I’m tryin to share she is 4’10” “ little wife” 120lbs no not fat or chubby just built little blonde 32DDD tits wow! no Not saggy but to big for her little frame so they always look like they are gonna get out of the cage And between her tits and round ass that’s at least 1/3 her weight she is a tiny stick of dynamite and I love her completely and want to watch her be please and pleasured and plowed by another

  • Little wife is my post totally appreciate all the comments and suggestions I have tried to respond as I tried each comment still trying to get her to step out or threesome or let me watch might be breaking down the wall though so we wear in the shower as I stepped up behind her she pushed her ass into me and pulled our shower head down to put the water on her cl:t after I pushed in she moaned and looked over her shifter at me and said if I had another dick in hear I could suck it too. !! Maybe I hope

  • So I used to talk about having another fuck her while we were having sex. Usually worked OK sooner or later they will picture it in their mind and get excited about it also! I suggest do that several times before going to a bar to pick some one up. We did it a lot of times!

  • Try watching some three some porn. Tell her that excites you. She how she responds. I was watching a three some porn with my girlfriend and she said I would do that with someone I really loved. We were also watching cockoid and she said that turned her on. Try it out and see how she responds.

  • Tell her that it turns you on to watch, she’s your little slut and she’s be doing it for you. Tell her you’d like to watch her dance with another guy, take her out and get her drunk and then tell her this. Find a guy at the bar and strike up a conversation and tell him that you don’t like to dance but your wife does, and she really wants a partner and that you’ll buy him a drink if he does you a favor and dances with her. Tell him that he can be as free as he wants and feel her up and grind on her and you won’t get jealous. Then tell your wife that she should dance with him and to be sexy on the dance floor, don’t stop him from getting close or touching, that it turns you on and you want her to do this. Then once she’s dancing drunk with another mans cock pressed against her butt she will get turned on. She won’t be able to help it. Then thank her for being a good wife and doing this for you. See how far you can take it. I started like this and before long she’d make out with guys, then fingered, then blow jobs, then full sex. It took some time but it was a fun ride.

  • Well I tried what you said she got turned on but I think she is to closed off se started to turn loose then got selfconciouse sorry about the spelling but we had to leave she is a good woman married to a bad man I guess I should let her go thank you for your comment and making me see that I just married a better one than me

  • Dude STFU! Let me plow her snatch. When I'm done she will change the locks on all your doors LOL! My wife was like yours till I let her pull train on my biker buddies. Now she does what I tell her and the first time. You are a looser and pussy little bitch. Yeah man turn her out for tricks she will get with the program. Stick a needle in her arm full of horse. Then she will do anything you ask. I'm telling you true.

  • Yeah I would gladly let You pard but she ain’t having it tried every approach and she just ain’t havin none of it it’s just us till the end . Her words not mine

  • Try to tell her that it isn't cheating. Does your friend have a wife? Would she be into swinging? Could she convince your wife to try? It might be a longshot, but don't give up. It takes years to break down the barrier sometimes.

  • Yeah tried that to he brought his very “ forward lol “ thinking girl will him and she wouldn’t have any of it I guess she married a bad man and she was / is a good girl better than me thanks for your comment though

  • I told my wife that if she had sex with her previous boyfriend it wouldn't be cheating cause he had her first. What did she do? She was screwing him 2 to 3 times a week for 9 months. Yeah I found out when I was doing the laundry and her panties had a big huge fresh load of semen in them. She had just come home from her classes at the community college. I showed her and she confessed to it. I was pretty turned on though. I fucked her right after that and added my cum to her freshly fucked cunt.

  • Totally wish I could get mine to do something like that just thinking she was getting nailed Gives me a hard on I couldn’t turn the skin on with a sears wrench

  • Have done that with my wife when she got home from fucking another guy licked some his cum out of her then used the rest of the rest of his cum for lube

  • Well you got a mighty awesome woman wish I could get her to try something I would do anything to get her to be like that

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