Wife wants to try something new

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. Early on in our relationship we exchanged secrets about each other and fantasies. My secret is that I have had sex with men. She asked what kind of experience. I told her mutual cock sucking but I have been fucked by a guy. She asked if it was a one time thing that I just didn’t do again. I told her that the first time was obviously with him but it wouldn’t be the last time. It took some persuasion to get me into bed but once i got used to it, we did it pretty often. She asked if I was bisexual. I told her that I don’t ever find men attractive and anal isn’t something that I look forward to. The only reason I did it with my supervisor was because he got my ass used to it. She then asked what my fantasies were. I told her that I wanted a threesome with her. She asked another guy or another girl. I said, “If it’s another girl, then the focus would be on me. If it’s another guy, then the focus could either be on her or could be everyone pleasing everyone.

She said that the other man, sounds pretty interesting and something that she wouldn’t be opposed to. She asked if that was it. I told her that I wanted to walk in on her having sex with another woman. She said that she isn’t sure that’s likely to happen. I asked why and she said, “I find women attractive. I love looking at a naked woman. When I look at porn it’s definitely a part that gets me going. I just don’t know if I could eat pussy.” I said, “I won’t push the issue. You asked about my fantasies and that is one of them.” She said, “Fair enough.”

She then said that her secret was that she has a dildo that never leaves the bathroom. She masturbates with it literally every day. I said, “Why haven’t i ever seen it?” She said, “I don’t keep it plugged up. I masturbate with it usually in the shower before you are awake. You sleep heavy enough that you don’t hear me moaning. If for some reason I can’t do it then, I wait till you are at work.” I said, “Porn?” She said, “Oh most definitely. Well, not in the shower, but in the bed while you are at work. Yep.” I said, “What kind of porn?” She said, “You really want to know?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “Searches include: Wife cheating on husband. Lesbian scissoring. Caught masturbating. Mfm.” I said, “Lesbian scissoring?” She said, “Yeah. It’s hot watching two women grind their pussies together. I can’t help it.” I said, “Ok. What about fantasies?” She said, “Now that you have said yours, I’d like to do a threesome. Mfm or mmf sounds good to me. I think it would be hot to see you suck dick. I also want to have you walk in from work and catch me having sex. With one of your buddies. Someone hot. In shape. Big dick. Me facing him riding his cock and my tits in his face. You walk in right as I’m moaning out loud in orgasm.”

I said, “I never thought hearing you say you want to cheat would turn me on, but it definitely did.” She reached over and felt my hard cock through my pajama bottoms.

So a few years past. We have done the threesome more than once. We have a male friend that is basically our third. She literally gets excited when he’s on his way over. He is bisexual. We found that out the first time. I was under the impression that he was straight. Then during a mfm threesome, he sucked my dick while I was eating out the wife. Over the years, she has had sex with him probably hundreds of times. Just him and her. She always asks if it’s ok. It’s usually when I’m working 3rd shift. She gets horny and will text me, “Is it ok if Chance comes over?” I say, “Horny are we?” She says, “You have no idea. I need to ride that cock like you can’t believe.”

So about a year and a half ago, I’m at work. She texts me and said, “When you go on lunch, shoot me a text. I need to discuss something with you.” Normally this is something bad or something serious. So lunch came and I texted her back, “What’s up. I’m on lunch.” She said, “I kinda want to have sex with Stacy.” Stacy is her long time friend.” I said, “For real?” She said, “Yeah. I’ve been thinking about it for a couple months now.” I said, “Why Stacy?” She said, “She’s been my friend since high school. She’s a bisexual and has been wanting to get me into bed since junior year. And…she’s hot.” I said, “If I say yes, you gotta let me “catch” you sleeping with her.” She said, “Deal.” I said, “And at least once, I want you me and her in bed. I want to fuck her while she eats your pussy.” She said, “You do huh?” I said, “Not necessarily cum inside her. Just depends on how it goes. I do want to know what her pussy feels like. It would be so hot to see you straddling her face.” She said, “You know that if I go through with this, this won’t be a one time thing. Stacy will want to keep doing it.” I said, “Assuming you enjoy what happens.” She said, “Naturally. If we do it, it’s gonna be just her and me the first time. If I like it, It’s gonna be the start of a new dynamic for us.” I said, “You really want this?” She said, “I think I do. I know I told you I didn’t want to eat pussy, but this is different. It’s Stacy.” I said, “Then by all means do it and when you’re done, tell me all about it.”

She had sex with Stacy that Friday. She told me she would be late getting home. Instead of getting home at 7pm, she didn’t get home till nearly midnight. I was laying in bed. Phone in one hand and watching tv. I said, “Have a good night? Work didn’t keep you this late.” She said, “Nah. Not work. I was at Stacy’s house.” I said, “Oh yeah?” She said, “Yeah. We had sex twice.” I said, “And did you…?” She said, “Yes. I ate her pussy. A lot of pussy eating. I didn’t know it was possible for me to have so many orgasms. I tell you this, if I wasn’t madly in love with you and you are so accepting to let me try new things in bed and the fact that I could never give up dick….I’d absolutely be a lesbian. Holy shit that was amazing!”

So that was about a year and a half ago. They are officially girlfriends. I told her cheating is doing something that the other doesn’t know about. Since we both know what’s going on, her having a relationship with Stacy isn’t cheating…in my mind.

20 days ago


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    • If your wife has a girlfriend and her girlfriend lets you join in with the both of them at the same time YOUR are a very lucky man . Believe I know how it is my wife has a few female friends that they hook up sometimes when I’m not home . But when I get home I can smell the fresh pussy in the air . And she look on her face is her tell that’s she’s been eating some pussy . And trust me when she has her bathing going on on the side you will get the benefits from her. Your sex life will improve 100 percent. And she will probably do things to you that she has never done to you before .

    • There is nothing wrong with that. When you get back home from work snd you kiss your wife when you get home and all you can smell is fresh pussy on her breath. If I was you I’d pick her up and take her into the bedroom and deck her brains out . Because that’s what I do to my wife. The thing my wife does to me is when I get home from my jobs . She will walk up to me and give me a big pussy kiss and take her fingers into of her soaking wet pussy and put her fingers inside my mouth and tell me to suck her fingers clean of their pussy juices. The 2 of them love to grind their pussy’s against each other until they have multiple Orgasms .
      My wife will record some of their hot sex acts . And when I get home later that night she will play her video of them having sex and play it back for me on our big screen TV in our bedroom. Me watching them going at it gets me really horny . And she knows when I give her my look she will spread her legs wide open for me. And she will look down between her legs and that lets me know that’s she’s ready for me to go down on her and enjoy how good her pussy smells after the 2 of them grinding their pussy together a little bit before I get home. . The taste and smell of her pussy is so intoxicating . I can’t help myself from not diving right into her soaking wet pussy and lick it all up and make her have another Orgasm on my face and really enjoy sucking down all of her sweet juices flowing into her hot pussy. . After I’m done giving her a few more Orgasms she will go down on me and suck on my dick for a long time she will go very slow on me to keep me from shooting my load yo soon. She loves to do that to me because she knows how much I love her sucking on my dick . And she does that to me gets me really backed up with a huge load of Cumm for her to swallow and when she does swallow my load she will go all the way down on my dick all the way down to the back of her throat and won’t even gag . That’s how good of a dick sucker she is .

    • No doubt about that. My wife and her girlfriend have become very the last few weeks from the day that they had me join in with them . Even when it just my wife and I in bed together. She started to do things that she has never done before. Now she will watch girl on girl porn in front of me as she’s playing with herself. I really love that . And when we are in bed having sex she will get on top of me and play with herself while I’m inside her and squirt all over me . And sometimes she will be on my face playing with herself and squirt into my mouth and won’t get off my face until I swallow every drop that she squirted into my mouth . To be honest I really love how she has become more sexual and willing to try different things in our sex life . Now she’s areal wild cat in bed and last night she let me Cumm inside her and pull me out of her pussy and put my dick into her mouth and suck me dry . She’s so amazing now I can’t believe it . I am a really lucky man with such a great wife .

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