Cold shoulder

I could understand if we were teenagers but two adults in their 40’s
New work colleague and her and I have an attraction, we’ve been out for a few drinks and some nice walks together.
Other then a kiss nothing has happened until last week, after having a drink she called an Uber while waiting (back of the car park) we started kissing, one thing lead to another and I’m fingering her pussy and she has my cock in her hand, still kissing fingering and jerking me off I shoot my load, brilliant what a great night can’t wait for the next one.
Uber comes both say goodbye and now she blanks me at work, doesn’t want to talk or reply to messages, what the fuck.

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  • People often do something that later they regret. Don't know why she regretted it, but she did.

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  • Feeling guilty, doesn't trust herself and doesn't want to ruin her relationship.

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