I loved my mom in many ways from a young age

And it was not sexual in any way.

Enough with this underage mom/son or dad/daughter shit. Please stop promoting child molestation and incest you fucking pedophiles.

If you find this shit arousing please get help. If you have already molested your kids, please hand them over to Child Protective Services and turn yourself in to law enforcement.

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  • I loved my mom in many ways from a young age. When I hit puberty at 15, I started to notice her perfect tits. At 18 I saw my mom naked, her tan lines accentuating her tits, ass, and pussy. She had a brown full triangular bush, but not visible wearing a bikini. Her ass cheeks so round and full. Her tits stood out like beacons, her hard nipples poking out just waiting to be sucked.

  • Your a sick fuck

  • Nothing sick about this at all

  • Nice

  • Laughing at how easy you get angry at people Billy lol

  • I am not angry at all. It is so funny that you still don't get what is happing here. God it must be hard when you are that stupid.

  • Look in the mirror and you will see the dirty retard dip shit.

  • Wtf not being fucking nice you dirty retard

  • Haha Billy no mates getting angry,yeah because you been non stop now for months attacking people if you don't like what they do then go somewhere else

  • So now you are going to try and be nice to me? In a vein attempt to get me to leave? Not gonna happen dip shit.

  • Sad cunt you are Billy been caught out on others confessions so stop pretending your someone else,gave yourself away by all your posts saying 9 hours ago lol retard

  • Like I said stupid fuck look at the posts look at your posts they are at me and I like it Dumb ass.

  • OP please keep posting your hatred of incest and pedophilic posts. They are dumb fucks but sooner or later they will get the hint. That their sick stories aren't welcome anymore.

  • Sick fuck below.

  • My mom was putting on make-up this morning in front of the big bathroom mirror. She was topless only wearing panties. I came up behind her and started kissing the side of her neck. I reached around under her arms taking a tit in each of my hands and fondling them. I pushed my mom forward on the counter and pulled down her panties. I inserted my hard cock into her tight wet pussy and started fucking her senseless.

  • Yeah of course you did šŸ™„

  • I agree in regards to child abuse but incest between adults totally fine

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls. This place is getting sick of you and your fake incest posts.

  • Nope, it's actually getting sick of you and your narrow minded views

  • Hey lady balls you know I never lied to you This is not my post. I'm not The OP Leave it alone. And you said you wouldn't respond to me anymore

  • You are replying to yourself again!

  • I agree! Enough of that crap.

  • Haha Billy good try lol fucking twat

  • OMG Thank you. They are gonna think you are me. I'm the one trolling their sick fucked up incest and pedophilic posts. Thats a first class post. Please help me fuck up their sick posts by posting them. I love my mom and kids the same way. I would kill for them. And to all you sick fucks It's not me.

  • You are no hero.

  • Don't want to be a hero.

  • And you must definitely not

  • Look at all the sick incest and pedophilic posts. Are you enjoying them? Are the replies what you wanted. Don't want to be a hero dip shit.

  • Stop replying to yourself

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