I've been called a little slut .... it's true i sucked my first cock at 10 years old was an adult cock and I haven't stopped sucking i also lost my virginity at a young age long before i started to menstruate... i don't wear any panties when i wear skirts or dresses.. and I laugh sometimes at married couples knowing that their wives are dried up and don't fuck I'm what married women worry about... married men are the easiest men around to fuck ... I pick my men to fuck sometimes co-workers sometimes neighbors old school friends and teachers and a few relatives .. if you have a pussy use it or it goes to waste...
i went thru school being called a little slut because i could use my pussy and i loved it... so to all women out there give yourself an orgasm when you fuck don't be a hole in the wall that's boring

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  • Genetals are a terrible thing to waste

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I'm much the same, except I'm a closeted gay guy. I kept telling my stepsis when I was younger that if she kept up with the purity pledge bullshit, her boyfriend would find someone who'd put out(not as bluntly, but the basic message). She never knew that her boyfriend used to swing by my bedroom for a fuck anytime he visited and she turned him away with blueballs.
    This was the same guy, before she and her dad moved in with me and my mom, he used to babysit me. He taught me a lot of things, like how to properly relax my asshole so I wouldn't bleed when he fucked me, and how to bob my head when I sucked his cock. We had a lot of fun together.

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