Dad Spanking

I was spanked when I was naughty it carried on till I was 17, my dad was the chastiser at times I knew I was getting spanked for hardly anything, it mainly happened when mum was out, the routine was always the same he would pull my pants down and he put me over his knee with my bare bottom exposed and he would lecture me about my behaviour which was at least five minutes then the spanking would start but he never really slapped hard it was more like patting gently after he would rub me better I was over his knee about twenty minutes, I could feel a bulge underneath me, the spankings were more frequent and lasted after I was 15, I didn't know any different I just went with it I did start to like it after a while, I knew I was wrong of me and my dads behaviour was in appropriate but I have always been dads girl and he has rights as a parent, I know my post will be frowned on,

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  • My dad spanked everyone in our family, he would spank my mom because the house was not clean or dinner was not done right. She would beg him not to do it in front of us but he would just pull her down over his legs and bare her butt right in view of us

  • I longed for my dad to spank me since my friend told me about her dad spanking her she said it was strange at first but she got to like specially when he pulled her knickers down an on occasions he took them off for her, she could see the large bulging in his pants before he started she was sure he wasn't wearing anything, and she felt him go harder when she was over his knee, after the spanking he rubbed her bottom and his hand went in places where they shouldn't have

  • My daughter has the same effect on me honey its normal for daughters and dads to be sexually attracted.

  • You should fuck him.

  • Crude

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