Todays poem

Rat Shit
Bat Shit
Suck your momma's tit
Cock Suck
Mutha Fuck
Eat a Bag of Shit.

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  • Stop! Please! Just Stop!
    Spare Us! No More!
    The End!

  • I wish whoever started this post
    Would have sucked on my cock
    Cause then they would be great
    Instead of showing us all these
    Dumb ass stupid people
    Who can't right a single line
    Of prose.

  • My cock is so tiny
    It's really shiny
    Doesn't hurt in yo hiney
    I wish it was huge
    Like your girl's putty
    Cause I fuck that bitch silly.

  • I got fucked in the ass
    In a Venezuelan prison
    By a pedophile priest
    Who called me Nadine.

    My prostate erupted
    I made a mess on the floor
    And it felt so good
    That I asked the warden
    To extend my sentence by 20 years.

  • After reading all these words of wit
    I have no doubt
    not a single poet
    amongst ya
    including me.

  • Roses are red violets are blue
    Your momma gave me head
    Now she's dead
    Sucking a load of cum
    I wish you were too.

  • Yo pussy is so lose that yo little cocks rattling around in it like a fart in a jar.

  • In case
    you didn't
    know it,
    you really
    suck at
    being a

  • Once upon a time
    Your momma came to my house
    She knocked on the door
    Like a fucking whore
    I let her in
    Then I fucks her again and again
    Now she knows it
    Can you taste me
    When you goes down
    I bet you cans

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