I like to expose myself to my mother in law

It all started about 15 years ago when my mother in law would stay the night to help with the kids while my wife worked 3rd shift. One night i was up in the living room rubbing one out when i heard her coming down the hall to the bathroom. I had plenty of time to cover up but decided what the hell. As she reached the door, she stopped and looked at me. Her hand raised over her mouth as if in shock, then she smiled and went into the rest room. It turned me on so much. I kept setting up opportunities to get caught then started just standing at the window when she would come up with my dick out stroking it. And many times she would just stare. Lately i have been pulling it out while in the same room face to face with her. She even leaned down to stop the dog from running out and had her head right at my crotch looking right at it just last week. This is such a turn on for me. She has never said anything to my wife and has never even acknowledged it to me. I know i should stop but it is such a turn on for me just to have her look.

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  • Take the next step, it's clear that she wants to. My divorced mother in law lived nearby and we used to have sex regularly. She was more sexually outgoing than my wife and had no problem giving me a blow job and swallowing my cum (wife rarely gives blowjobs). The best thing was that my wife was OK with it as she realized that it just fucking and that it kept her mother happy. MIL now has a new partner so no more for me!

  • Similar thing happened with me, except it became a daily thing as she lived with us. Her husband had died 10 years before and had not had sex since then. My wife worked nights and still does.

    After a month she started wearing only a robe at night and we watch each other masterbate. A month after that we just started kissing and nightly oral sex and regular sex.

    We have slept together every night for 15 years. We love each other and the sex is fucking amazing.

    She insisted I fuck my wife every day so she doesn't get suspicious. She knows I only love her and likes that she took me from her daughter.

  • Fuck her asshole

  • Cant beat fucking the wifes old mom

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